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Spring 2014 Colloquium Schedule

All talks are held in Bunche 5288 at 4pm unless otherwise noted.

April 7 – Jacob Darwin Hamblin (Oregon State University), ‘Arming Mother Nature: The Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism’

April 14 – Stefan Bargheer (UCLA, Sociology), ‘Anthropology at War: Robert H. Lowie and the Transformation of the Culture Concept, 1914-1945’

April 21 – Eric Ash (Wayne State University / Dibner Research Fellow, Huntington Library), ‘The Unrecovered Country: Local Knowledge, Popular Politics, and the Non-Drainage of the English Fens, 1619-20’

April 28 – Joanna Radin (Yale), ‘To Thaw or Not to Thaw: Frozen Blood and the Afterlife of the International Biological Program’

May 5 – Erika Milam (Princeton), ‘The Kidnapping at Gombe and the Politics of Human Nature in 1975’

May 8 (Thursday) – Jan Goldstein (Chicago) (co-sponsored with the European Field), title TBA. This talk will take place at 4 pm in Bunche 6275.

May 12 – Renee Raphael (UCI), ‘Galileo’s Discorsi as a window into period reading practices’

May 19 – Jenny Bangham (MPIWG, Berlin), ‘“What a prize she is”: postwar bureaucracy, human genetics and the search for rare blood’

May 26 – Memorial Day

June 2 – Gil Eyal (Colombia University) (co-sponsored with Historical and Social Studies of Medicine), ‘Looping genomes: Diagnostic expansions and the genetic makeup of the autism population’