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Jean-Paul R. De Guzman

BA (Northridge) MA (UCLA) MA (UCLA) CPhil (UCLA)

Office: 6265 Bunche Hall
Fax: 310-206-7833
E-mail: jpd73619 at ucla dot edu


Major Field: United States, 20th century.

Secondary Fields: Asian American history/historiography; urban/suburban; modern immigration; interracial dynamics; Los Angeles.

Research Interests

Most broadly, I am concerned with the overlapping dynamics between race, space, and activism. My research investigates the ways in which communities negotiate different forms of racialization and asymmetrical power relations in the context of metropolitan development.

To this end, I study the histories of the San Fernando Valley, a well-known Southern California region shaped by the intersections of migration, the military-industrial complex, urban development, racial segregation, political and cultural activism, and popular culture, that defies conventional understandings of cities and suburbs. My dissertation examines different flashpoints in the metropolitan history of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles since World War II ranging from the struggle for fair housing to the student rebellions at Valley State to the battle over secession just over a decade ago. The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation, the Autry, the UC Center for New Racial Studies, the UC California Studies Consortium, the UCLA Institute of American Cultures, among others, has funded this work.



University of California, Los Angeles
CPhil in United States History, 2010
MA in United States History, 2010
MA in Asian American Studies, 2007
MA Thesis: "Journeys in Resistance: Filipina American and Asian American Counter-Stories from a Catholic High School"

California State University, Northridge
BA in Asian American Studies, Magna cum Laude, Minor in History, 2004


Reflective of my larger interests in US urban and immigration history, Asian American history, and manifestations of political and cultural activism I have developed two lower division seminars, "'A Touch of Danger:' Romance, Rebellion and Other Interracial Encounters in Modern LA History" (Spring 2011 and Fall 2011) and "Serve the People (Not the Model Minority Myth): Historical Perspectives on Asian American Resistance and Radicalism" (Winter 2012, Spring 2012 and Summer 2013).

These seminars assemble a diverse set of historical documents along with guest speakers and video ethnographies from the good folks at the UCLA Center for EthnoCommunications. The Office of Instructional Development has supported my use of media in the classroom and, most recently, I received the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award from the Academic Senate and the Laura Kinsey Distinguished Teaching Prize from the History Department.


My community-based collaboration and public history includes work with Katarou Histories (an intergenerational digital media oral history project) and the Tuna Canyon Detention Station Coalition, which organizes around the history of TCDS, an enemy alien detention camp in the east San Fernando Valley. Additionally, I worked with staff at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center for its 40th Anniversary exhibition, "Forty Years of Breaking Ground," at Powell Library

Here at UCLA I served one term as president of the History Graduate Student Association and am one of the co-chairs of the Graduate Coalition of the Native Pacific.

A full CV is available upon request.


Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Race, Community, and Activism in Greater Los Angeles: Japanese Americans, African Americans and the Contested Spaces of Southern California's Post-World War II San Fernando Valley," in The Nation and Its Peoples: Citizens, Denizens, Migrants, ed. Shannon Gleeson and John S.W. Park (New York: Routledge, 2014).

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Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "The San Fernando Valley's Multiethnic Past: Unexpected Communities in 'America's Suburb,' in The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed, ed. Quintard Taylor, Jr. (Spring 2011).

Mary Kao, Jolie Chea, Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, Christina Lee, and Stephanie Santos, "Historical Timeline of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center," in 40 Years of Breaking Ground: UCLA Asian American Studies, 1969-2009, exhibit curated by Mary Kao and Marjorie Lee (Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Center and Lawrence Clark Powell Library, 2009).

Cecile Asuncion, Machiko Uyeno, Jean-Paul R. deGuzman and Amy Ikeda, writers and directors, Telling Our Stories: Japanese Americans in the San Fernando Valley, 1910s-1950s (Northridge and Pacoima: CSUN Asian American Studies Department and San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center, 2004). 15-minute documentary short funded in part by the California Civil Liberties Education Program.
[Screened, with companion exhibit, at: CSUN, Las Palmas Recreation Center, Mission College, Pasadena Cherry Blossom Festival, San Fernando High School, San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center and the San Fernando Valley Museum of History and Art.]

Jean-Paul R deGuzman, "Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles," in Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia, ed. Mary Yu Danico (Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, forthcoming 2014).

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Filipino Agricultural Workers," "Filipino Farm Labor Union," "Filipino Federation of America," "Filipina War Brides," and "Pablo Manlapit," in Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, and Political Change, ed., Edward J.W. Park and Xiaojian Zhao (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, in Press)

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986," in The Making of Modern Immigration: An Encyclopedia of People and Ideas, ed. Patrick J. Hayes (Santa Barbara, ABC-CLIO, 2012).

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, Alfred Peredo Flores, Jr., Kristopher Kaupalolo, Christen Sasaki, Kehaulani Vaughn, Joyce Pualani Warren, "The Possibilities for Pacific Islander Studies in the Continental United States," Amerasia Journal 37:3 (2011): 149-161.

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Economic Realities and Student Dreams in the City of Angels," in Navigating the Great Recession: Immigrant Families' Stories of Resilience, ed. Ana Sanchez Munoz, Gina Masequesmay, Eunai Shrake, and Tracy Buenavista (Dubuque: Kendall-Hunt, 2011), 95-100.

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, review of Chinese Americans and the Politics of Race and Culture ed. Sucheng Chan and Madeline Y. Hsu, in Amerasia Journal 36:1 (2010): 163-166

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Ronald Takaki: People's Historian," Asian Week [Online edition], June 2, 2009.

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Adventures in (Pan)Ethnicity," in Learning English, Leaning America: Voice of Latinos and Asian Americans, ed. Juana Mora, Gina Masequesmay, Eunai Shrake and Ana Sanchez Munoz (Dubuque: Kendall-Hunt, 2008), 92-96

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Re: Just Whose America Is This?" Pacific Citizen, June 21-July 4, 2013, 2

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Remembering a Sad Chapter: Historic Designation Is Still Sought for the Former Tuna Canyon Detention Station," Rafu Shimpo, May 22, 2013. [Link]

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Re: The Tea Party vs. HERD Mentality," Pacific Citizen, February 17-March 1, 2012, 2.

Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, "Civil Discourse on Immigration," Pacific Citizen, April 1-4, 2011, 2.

Paul Ong, Emily Le, Sophia Cheng, C. Aujean Lee, and Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, Grounding the Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Voice Through Survey: 2nd Annual AAPIPRC Conference on Applied Research Proceedings (New York: Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Research Consortium, 2013)

Meg Thornton, Jolie Chea, Jean-Paul R. deGuzman, Michael Gonzalez, and Christine N. Lee, compilers and editors, Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Directory for Los Angeles and Orange Counties, 10th Edition (Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press, 2009. Companion online database.

Grants and Awards


Haynes Lindley Dissertation Fellowship
John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation, 2012-2013

Academic Year Tuition Fellowship (Haynes Lindley Fellowship Supplemental Award)
UCLA Department of History, 2012-2013

Research Grant
UC Humanities Research Institute/ UC California Studies Consortium, 2012-2013

Wallis Annenberg Research Grant
University of Southern California, Edward L. Doheny, Jr. Memorial Library, 2012

Tritia Toyota Asian Pacific American Community Research Fellowship
UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2011

Research Fellowship
Autry National Center of the American West, 2011

Research Grant
UCLA Institute of American Cultures/Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, 2010-2011

Research Grant
University of California Center for New Racial Studies, 2010-2011

James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Fellowship
UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library, 2010

Eugene V. Cota Robles Doctoral Fellowship
UCLA Graduate Division, 2007-2010, 2011-2012

MA Thesis Writing Fellowship
UCLA Department of Asian American Studies, 2007

Rose Eng Chin and Helen Wong Eng Asian Pacific American Women Studies Fellowship
UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2006

Graduate Opportunity Fellowship
UCLA Graduate Division, 2005-2006


Minoru Yasui Memorial Scholarship
National Japanese American Citizens League, 2013

Hiram Wheeler Edwards Prize for the Study of WWII Internment Camps and Japanese Americans
UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2013.

Hiram Wheeler Edwards Prize for the Study of WWII Internment Camps and Japanese Americans
UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2012.

Graduate Scholarship
UCLA Faculty Women's Club, 2011

Sarah Jackson Award
Western History Association, 2010

President's Travel Award
Pacific Coast Branch-American Historical Association, 2010

Travel Subvention
UC Santa Barbara Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 2010

Ben and Alice Hirano Paper Prize in Asian American History
UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2008.

Ben and Alice Hirano Paper Prize in Asian American History
UCLA Asian American Studies Center, 2006.

Kenyon Chan Outstanding Leadership Award
CSUN Department of Asian American Studies, 2005


UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award
UCLA Academic Senate, 2013-2014

Laura Kinsey Outstanding Teaching Prize
UCLA History Department, 2013

Teaching Fellow
UCLA Department of History, Summer Session A 2013

Teaching Fellow
UCLA Department of History, 2011-2012

Instructional Mini-Grant
UCLA Office of Instructional Development, 2012

Teaching Fellow
UCLA Undergraduate Education Initiatives, GE Cluster Program, 2010-2011

Promising Future Teacher Award
CSUN Department of Asian American Studies, 2004


Ph.D. Dissertation: Janice L. Reiff (Chair); Eric Avila, Andrea Goldman, and Paul Ong (Luskin School of Public Affairs)

M.A. Thesis: Don T. Nakanishi (Chair); Valerie J. Matsumoto and Daniel G. Solorzano

Conference Presentations


"From Internment Camps and Public Housing to America's Fastest Growing City Area: Race and Erasure in the Shadow of War". Pacific Coast Branch-American Historical Association meeting, 10 August 2013, Denver, CO.

"Race, Confinement, and Housing in the Shadow of War: Japanese Americans and the Hidden History of Suburban Los Angeles." Association for Asian American Studies. 20 April 2013. Seattle, WA.

"Claiming Race and Space: Japanese American and African American Political Identities in the Post-War San Fernando Valley." American Studies Association. 16 November 2012. San Juan, PR.

"Race, Space, and the San Fernando Valley: Tales from the 'Damned Hills' and Beyond," California American Studies Association 2012 Meeting

"A New Nurse in the New South: An Oral History of Migration, Community and Resistance in the 1970s," Association of Asian American Studies 2012 Meeting

"Asian American Suburbanization, New Suburban History the San Fernando Valley: A Story of Like, Race, Rights, and Redress Totally Beyond the 626," Association of Asian American Studies, 2011

"Critiquing Inequality, Challenging Suburbia: Race, Rebellion and Redress in Southern California's San Fernando Valley," "Race, Repression, and Radicalism on the Pacific Coast and Beyond" Conference, Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, University of Washington, 2011

"Civil Rights and the Suburb: The San Fernando Valley's NAACP and NOW," Inaugural UC Center for New Racial Studies Conference, "The Nation and its Peoples: Citizens, Denizens, Migrants," 2011

"Rethinking Race and Rights in the American Suburb: the Case of the San Fernando Valley," American Studies Association, 2010

"Beyond Donna and Ritchie: Love Across Color Lines in an Iconic American Space," Pacific Coast Branch-AHA, 2010

Alfred Flores, Kehaulani Vaughn, Joyce Pualani Warren, Kristopher Kaupalolo, Christen Sasaki, and Jean-Paul deGuzman, "The Possibilities and Future for Pacific Islander Studies in the Continental United States," roundtable, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, 2010

"Beyond 'Living La Vida Boba:' Youth and Transnational Asian America," "Asia In LA 2010: Creating and Consuming Asian Cuisines," UCLA Asia Institute, 2010

"At the Car Wash! Culture and Labor in the City of Angels," California American Studies Association, 2010 and "Oil+Water: The Case of Santa Barbara and Southern California," UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, 2010

"Neo-Noir in the City of Angels," Association of Asian American Studies, 2010

"Shaking Up the Suburbs: Communities of Color in the San Fernando Valley," Association of Asian American Studies, 2009

"Recognizing the Enemy: Racism, Trauma, and State Violence in Nina Revoyr's Los Angeles," National Association for Ethnic Studies, 2009

"For Better Japanese Americans in a Greater San Fernando Valley: Community Building and Civic Engagement in 'America's Suburb'," Southwest Oral History Association 2009

"The Community Center Buzz: Judo Tournaments, Beauty Queens, and Other Multiethnic Moments from 'America's Suburb'," Southwest/Texas American Culture/Pop Culture Association, 2009

"New Nurses in a New South: Filipina Americans, Resistance and Crises of Professionalization," Thinking Gender, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, 2009

"'We're not just going to sit in the background and pick rice!': Counternarratives, Resistance, and Asian Americans at a Catholic High School," Association of Asian American Studies, 2008

"The Slippery Signifier: Boba and Asian American Youth," Southwest/Texas American Culture Association/Pop Culture Association, 2008


“Understanding Race, Power, and Activism in My Backyard: Uncovering Histories for Social Change,” presentation for the Native and Pacific Islander Summer Intensive Transfer Experience, UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships. 25 July 2013.

“The People’s History of the San Fernando Valley: Using Primary Sources to Uncover Buried Histories,” lecture and workshop for Katarou Histories (intergenerational community archival and public history program), Japanese American Citizens League-Pacific Southwest District. 11 July 2013.

“Empowering Our Communities, Empowering Ourselves: The Transformative Power of Ethnic Studies,” San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center (Pacoima). 23 March 2013

“Using Primary Documents to Explore the San Fernando Valley’s Multiethnic Past,” lecture and workshop for Katarou Histories. 12 July 2012.

"Gender and Migration: The Case of Hawai'i," AAS 50: Introduction to Asian American Women's Studies, Prof. Jennifer Jung-Kim, UCLA, 2011

"The Revolution Comes to Westwood: Ethnic Studies at UCLA," Santa Monica College AAPI Summer Intensive Transfer Experience/UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships, 2011

"'Makin' New Friends Where the West Begins:' Constructing Histories and Images of Southern California's San Fernando Valley," Autry National Center, 2011

"The United States Becomes in Imperial Power," HIST 13C: History of the US and Its Colonial Origins-19th Century, Prof. Naomi R. Lamoreaux, UCLA, 2010

"Boosting Los Angeles: The City of Angels in the Progressive Era," HIST 145: History of California, Prof. Kelly Lytle-Hernandez, UCLA, 2009

"Self- and Social-Empowerment on Campus: And So We Continue," keynote address for "Where We Stand: Ang Ating Hangarin, Ang Atin Natamo--This Is What We Struggled Fore, This Is Where We Are," Southern California Filipina/o American Studies and Student Conference, Loyola Marymount University, 2008

"Asian American Students and Critical Resistance: Prospects towards Theory," EDUC 253G: Asian American and Pacific Islander Education Graduate Seminar, Prof. Eunai Shrake, UCLA 2008

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