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Jean-Paul R. De Guzman

Ph.D., History, UCLA, 2014
M.A., History, UCLA, 2010
M.A., Asian American Studies, UCLA, 2007
B.A., Asian American Studies and Minor in History, California State University, Northridge, 2004.


Fax: 310-206-7833
E-mail: deguzman.ucla at gmail.com


Major Field: United States, 20th century.

Secondary Fields: Asian American history/historiography; urban/suburban; modern immigration; interracial dynamics; Los Angeles.

Research Interests

I filed my dissertation, "'And Make the San Fernando Valley My Home:' Contested Spaces, Identities, and Activism on the Edge of Los Angeles," in June 2014. For more information on my research and current whereabouts, please visit http://jpdeguzman.weebly.com or email me directly for an updated CV.

* * *

Most broadly, I am concerned with the overlapping dynamics between race, space, and activism. My research investigates the ways in which communities negotiate different forms of racialization and asymmetrical power relations in the context of metropolitan development.

To this end, I study the histories of the San Fernando Valley, a well-known Southern California region shaped by the intersections of migration, the military-industrial complex, urban development, racial segregation, political and cultural activism, and popular culture, that defies conventional understandings of cities and suburbs.

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