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Spring 2015 Colloquium Schedule

--- All talks are held in Bunche 5288 at 4pm unless otherwise noted. ---

March 30: Richard Rottenburg (University of Halle, Germany), "Institutionalizing Numbers in Post-Colonial Africa"
Cosponsored by UCLA African Studies Center

April 6: James Evans (University of Puget Sound), The Antikythera Mechanism: An Astronomical Calculating Machine from Ancient Greece"

April 9 (Thursday): Adrian Johns (University of Chicago), "Put Not Your Trust in Things: Authenticating Substances in Early Modern Europe".  Event flyer
European Colloquium, cosponsored by the History of Science.  Please note different time and location:  4pm in 6275 Bunche Hall

April 20: Mary Jo Nye (Oregon State University), "The Republic vs. the Collective: Collaboration and Competition in Modern Science"

April 30 (Thursday): Jacob Soll (University of Southern California), "Jacques Necker’s Compte rendu (1781), Accounting and the Origins of Modern Political Discourse"
European Colloquium, cosponsored by the History of Science. Please note different time and location: 4pm in 6275 Bunche Hall

May 4: Ceclia Cardenas (Yale), Title TBD

May 11: Chien-Ling Liu (UCLA), "Relocating Pasteurian Medicine: A Tangled Transition from Variolation to Vaccination in Chengdu, China, 1908-1927"

May 18: Nathaniel Comfort (Johns Hopkins), "Taking the Person out of Personalized Medicine"
Cosponsored by History of Medicine

The Monday Colloquium in History of Science and Medicine is supported by the Dean of Social Sciences, the Department of History, and a donor.