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Early Modern Europe, Reformation To The Revolution

General Reference
Aston, Trevor, Ed. Crisis In Europe 1560-1660
Braudel, Fernand. The Mediterranean World And The Mediterranean In The Age Of Philip II
Koenigsberger, H.G. Estates And Revolutions. Essays In Early Modern European History
J. Mokyr, The Gifts of Athena, first four chapters

State Formation
Anderson, Perry. Lineages Of The Absolutist State
Downing, Brian M. The Military Revolution And Political Change. Origins Of Democracy And Autocracy In Early Modern Europe
Rabb, Theodore K. The Struggle For Stability In Early Modern Europe
Scott, Hamish M., Ed. Enlightened Absolutism. Reform And Reformers In Later Eighteenth-Century Europe
Ertman, Thomas, Birth Of The Leviathan
Austin Woolrych, Britain in Revolution, 1625-1660

War, Diplomacy, And International Relations
Black, Jeremy. A Military Revolution? Military Change And European Society, 1500-1800
Elliott, J.H. Richelieu And Olivares
Mckay, Derek And Hamish Scott. The Rise Of The Great Powers, 1648-1815
Parker, Geoffrey. The Army Of Flanders And The Spanish Road, 1567-1659: The Logistics Of The Spanish Victory And Defeat In The Low Countries’ Wars

Bossy, John. Christianity In The West, 1400-1700
Châtellier, Louis. The Europe Of The Devout. The Catholic Reformation And The Formation Of A New Society
Delumeau, Jean. Catholicism Between Luther And Voltaire: A New View Of The Counter-Reformation
Febvre, Lucien. The Problem Of Unbelief In The Sixteenth Century: The Religion Of Rabelais
Randell, Keith. The Catholic And Counter Reformations

M.L. Bush. The European Nobility
M.L. Bush. Rich Noble, Poor Noble
Dewald, Jonathan. The European Nobility, 1400-1800

Urban History
Cowan, Alexander. Urban Europe, 1500-1700
Friedrichs, Christopher R. The Early Modern City, 1450-1750
De Vries, Jan. European Urbanization 1500-1800

Anderson, Bonnie S. And Judith P. Zinsser, Eds. A History Of Their Own, V. 2; 2nd Ed.
Davis, Natalie Zemon And Arlette Farge, Eds. A History Of Women. Volume 3: Renaissance And Enlightenment Paradoxes
Scott, Joan W. “Gender: A Useful Category Of Social Analysis,” In Scott, Gender And The Politics Of History
Wiesner, Merry E. Women And Gender In Early Modern Europe
Wunder, Heide. He Is The Sun, She Is The Moon: Women In Early Modern Germany

Law, Crime, Deviance And Marginality
Foucault, Michel. Discipline And Punish: The Birth Of The Prison
Geremek, Bronislaw. Poverty, A History
Jütte, Robert. Poverty And Deviance In Early Modern Europe
Lis, Catherina And Hugo Soly. Poverty And Capitalism In Pre-Industrial Europe
Muir, Edward And Guido Ruggiero, Eds. History From Crime

Darnton, Robert. The Business Of Enlightenment. A Publishing History Of The Encyclopédie, 1775-1800
Eisenstein, Elizabeth L. Printing Press As An Agent Of Change
Hazard, Paul. The European Mind, The Critical Years, 1680-1715
Hazard, Paul. European Thought In The Eighteenth Century: From Montesquieu To Lessing
John Headley, Tommaso Campanella and the Transformation of the World
Jacob, Margaret C. The Enlightenment
M. Jacob and L. Stewart, Practical Matter. The Impact of Newton's Science from 1687 to 1851
Mcmanners, J. Death And The Enlightenment. Changing Attitudes To Death Among Christians And Unbelievers In Eighteenth Century France
Popkin, Richard. The History Of Scepticism From Erasmus To Spinoza
Yates, Frances. Giordano Bruno And The Hermetic Tradition

Political Thought
Ashcraft, Richard. Revolutionary Politics And Locke’s Two Treatises Of Government
Baker, Keith. Condorcet, From Natural Philosophy To Social Mathematics
Macpherson, C.B. Political Theory Of Possessive Individualism
Pocock, J.G.A. The Machiavellian Moment
Rosenblatt, Helena. Rousseau and Geneva

Cultural History
Chartier, Roger. Cultural History. Between Practices And Representations
Clark, Stuart. Thinking with Demons: The Idea of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe
Elias, Norbert. The Court Society
Ginzburg, Carlo. The Cheese And The Worms
Ginzburg, Carlo. Ecstasies
Houston, R.A. Literacy In Early Modern Europe. Culture And Education, 1500-1800

Margaret C. Jacob, Strangers nowhere in the World. The Origins of Early Modern Cosmopolitanism
Pumfrey, Stephen, Paolo Rossi And Maurice Slawinski. Science, Culture And Popular Belief In Renaissance Europe
Sabean, David. Power In The Blood

Edgerton, Samuel Y., Jr. The Heritage Of Giotto’s Geometry. Art And Science On The Eve Of The Scientific Revolution
Jacob, James R. The Scientific Revolution
Jacob, Margaret C. Newtonians And The English Revolution
Kuhn, Thomas S. The Copernican Revolution
Lindberg, David C. And Ronald L. Numbers, Eds. God And Nature: Historical Essays On The Encounter Between Christianity And Science
Westman, R., Ed. The Copernican Achievement