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Salo Baron, A Social And Religious History Of The Jews H. H. Ben-Sasson, History Of The Jewish People
Simon Dubnow, Nationalism And History
Amos Funkenstein, Perceptions Of Jewish History
Heinrich Graetz, History Of The Jews
Paul Mendes-Flohr And Jehuda Reinharz, Eds. The Jew In The Modern World
Y. H. Yerushalmi, Zakhor
Ben-Zion Dinur, Israel And The Diaspora

Late Antiquity
Elias Bickerman, The Jews In The Greek Age
Shaye Cohen, From Maccabees To The Mishna
Erich Gruen, Heritage And Hellenism
Daniel Boyarin, Carnal Israel

Yitzhak Baer, A History Of The Jews In Christian Spain
Robert Chazan, Ed. Church, State, And The Jews In The Middle Ages
Mark Cohen, Between Crescent And Cross
Jane Gerber, The Jews Of Spain
Jacob Katz, Exclusiveness And Tolerance
Kenneth Stow, Alienated Minority
Israel Abrahams, Jewish Life In The Middle Ages
David Nirenberg, Communities Of Violence
Norman Stillman, Ed. The Jews Of Arab Lands

Early Modern
Robert Bonfil, Jewish Life In Renaissance Italy
Glueckel Of Hameln, Memoires
Jonathan Israel, European Jewry In The Age Of Mercantilism
Jacob Katz, Tradition And Crisis
Jacob Katz, Out Of The Ghetto
Gershom Scholem, Major Trends In Jewish Mysticism
Gershom Scholem, The Messianic Idea In Judaism
Moshe Idel, Kabbalah: New Perspectives
Yosef Yerushalmi, From Spanish Court To Italian Ghetto
Murray Rosman, The Baal Shem Tov
Selma Stern, The Court Jew

Hannah Arendt, The Origins Of Totalitarianism
Steven Aschheim, Brothers And Strangers
Michael Brenner, The Renaissance Of Jewish Culture
Todd Endelman, Radical Assimilation In English Jewish History
Jonathan Frankel, Prophecy And Politics
Deborah Hertz, Jewish High Society In Old Regime Berlin
Arthur Hertzberg, Ed., The Zionist Idea
Paula Hyman, Gender And Assimilation
Marion Kaplan, The Making Of The Jewish Middle Class
Jacob Katz, From Prejudice To Destruction
Ezra Mendelssohn, The Jews Of East Central Europe Between The World Wars
Paul Mendes-Flohr, Divided Passions
Michael A. Meyer, The Origins Of The Modern Jew
Michael A. Meyer, Response To Modernity
George Mosse, German Jews Beyond Judaism
Emanuel Ringelblum, Notes From The Warsaw Ghetto
Aron Rodrigue, French Jews, Turkish Jews
Anita Shapira, Land And Power
David Sorkin, The Transformation Of German Jewry
Ismar Schorsch, From Text To Context
Michael Stanislawski, Tsar Nicholas I And The Jews
Uriel Tal, Christians And Jews In Germany
David Vital, The Origins Of Zionism
Steven Zipperstein, The Jews Of Odessa
Alexander Altmann, Moses Mendelssohn
David Biale, Gershom Scholem: Kabbalah And Counter-History
Shmuel Feiner, Haskalah And History
Susannah Heschel, Abraham Geiger
Jacob Katz, Ed. Toward Modernity
Gavin Langmuir, History, Religion, And Anti-Semitism
Frances Malino And Bernard Wasserstein, The Jews In Modern France
David N. Myers, Re-Inventing The Jewish Past
Jehuda Reinharz, Ed., Living With Anti-Semitism
Carl Schorske, Fin-De-Siècle Vienna
Gideon Shimoni, The Zionist Ideology

Saul Friedlander, Nazi Germany And The Jews Saul Friedlander, Ed. Probing The Limits Of Representation
Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men Lucy Dawidowicz, The War Against The Jews
Eberhard Jaeckel, Hitler In History
George Mosse, The Crisis Of German Ideology
Yehuda Bauer, The Holocaust In Historical Perspective
Michael Marrus, The Holocaust In History
Marion Kaplan, Between Dignity And Despair
Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity And The Holocaust