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East Central And South Eastern Europe Since 1450

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Aaman, Anders, Architecture And Ideology In Eastern Europe During The Stalin Era
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Berend, Ivan T., Central And Eastern Europe 1944-1993: Detour From The Periphery To The Periphery
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Good, David F., The Economic Rise Of The Habsburg Empire 1750-1914
Hitchins, Keith, Romania 1866-1947
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Hroch, Miroslaw, Social Preconditions Of National Revival In Europe
Jedlicki, Jerzy, A Suburb Of Europe. Nineteenth Century Polish Approaches To Western Civilization
Jelavich, Charles And Barbara, The Establishment Of The Balkan National States 1804-1920
Kann, Robert, A History Of The Habsburg Empire 1526-1918
Lukacs, John, Budapest 1900: A Historical Portrait Of A City And Its Culture
Mendelsohn, Ezra, The Jews Of East Central Europe Between The World Wars.
Palairet, Michael, The Balkan Economies C.1800-1914.Evolution Without Development
Rauch, Georg Von, The Baltic States: The Years Of Independence: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 1917-1940
Stavrianos, Leften S., The Balkans Since 1453
Sugar, Peter, Nationality And Society In Habsburg And Ottoman Europe
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Walicki, Andrzej
Kaplan, Karel, Report On The Murder Of The General Secretary

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Jelavich, Charles And Barbara, The Establishment Of The Balkan National States
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St. Clair, William, That Greece Might Still Be Ree: The Philhellenes In The War Of Independence
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Vacalopoulos, Apostolos E., The Greek Nation, 1453-1669
Woodward, Susan L., Balkan Tragedy: Chaos And Dissolution After The Cold War