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John Gagliardo, Germany Under The Old Regime 1600-1790
Thomas Nipperdey, Germany From Napoleon To Bismarck
David Blackbourn, The Long Nineteenth Century: A History Of Germany, 1780-1918
James J. Sheehan, German History, 1770-1866
Gordon A. Craig, Germany 1866-1945
Otto Brunner, Werner Conze, And Reinhard Koselleck, Eds., Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe
Lothar Gall, Ed., Enzyklopädie Deutscher Geschichte, 1450-1648

Social And Economic
Bob Scribner, Ed., Germany: A New Social And Economic History, 1450-1630
Sheilagh Ogilvie, Ed., Germany: New Social And Economic History, 1630-1800.
Peter Kriedte, Peasants, Landlords And Merchant Capitalists
M. Jacob, Scientific Culture And The Making Of The Industrial West

Reformation And Afterwards
Steven Ozment, Protestants: The Birth Of A Revolution
Heiko Oberman, Luther: Man Between God And The Devil
C.P. Clasen, Anabaptism
Thomas A. Brady, Jr., The Politics Of The Reformation In Germany
Peter Blickle, The Revolution Of 1525
Bernd Moeller, Imperial Cities And The Reformation
Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia, Social Discipline In The Reformation
Gerhard Oestreich, Neostoicism And The Early Modern State.

David Sabean, Power In The Blood
Kathy Stuart, Defiled Trades And Social Outcasts
Mary Fulbrook, Piety And Politics

Gender And Family
Merry Wiesner, Working Women In Renaissance Germany
Lyndal Roper, The Holy Household
Heide Wunder, He Is The Sun, She Is The Moon.

Thirty Years War
Geoffrey Parker, Ed, The Thirty Years’ War


Hans Rosenberg, Bureaucracy, Aristocracy, And Autocracy
F.L. Carsten, Origins Of Brandenburg-Prussia
Otto Büsch, Military System And Social Life In Old Regime Prussia, 1713-1807
Mack Walker, German Home Towns

Frederick C. Beiser, Enlightenment, Revolution, And Romanticism
Peter Hans Reill, The German Enlightenment And The Rise Of Historicism
Ernst Cassirer, The Philosophy Of The Enlightenment
Henri Brunschwig, Enlightenment And Romanticism In 18th Century Prussia
Anthony La Vopa, Grace, Talent, And Merit
Reinhard Koselleck, Critique And Crisis,
M. Jacob, The Enlightenment: A Brief History

Nineteenth Century


Robert Berdahl, Politics Of The Prussian Nobility
Theodore Hamerow, Restoration, Revolution, Reaction
Jonathan Sperber, Rhineland Radicals
Theodore Hamerow, Social Foundations Of German Unification
Otto Pflanze, Bismarck And The Development Of Germany
James Sheehan, German Liberalism In The Nineteenth Century
R. Gellately, Politics Of Economic Despair
Shulamit Volkov, Rise Of Popular Anti-Modernism In Germany
David Blackbourn And Geoff Eley, Peculiarities Of German History,

George Mosse, Nationalism And Sexuality
George L. Mosse, The Crisis Of German Ideology
--------------------, The Nationalization Of The Masses
Hagen Schulze, The Course Of German Nationalism.
F. Stern, Politics Of Cultural Despair
Peter G.J. Pulzer, Rise Of Political Anti-Semitism In Germany And Austria

Class Politics
David Blackbourn And Geoff Eley, Eds, The German Bourgeoisie
L. Abrams, Workers’ Culture In Imperial Germany
Vernon Lidtke, The Outlawed Party: Social Democracy In Germany 1878-1890
Carl Schorske, German Social Democracy, 1905-1917

Robert Bigler, The Politics Of German Protestantism
Jonathan Sperber, Popular Catholicism In 19th Century Germany
Uriel Tal, Christians And Jews In Germany 1870-1914
R.M. Bigler, The Politics Of German Protestantism

Intellectual Life And Culture
Shlomo Avineri, Hegel’s Theory Of The Modern State
Jürgen Habermas, The Structural Transformation Of The Public Sphere
Leszek Kolakowski, Main Currents Of Marxism
Wolfgang Mommsen, Max Weber And German Politics

Social And Economic History

Knut Borschardt, The Industrial Revolution In Germany
M. Kitchen, The Political Economy Of Germany 1815-1914
Helga Grebing, History Of The German Labour Movement

Ute Frevert, Women In German History
R.E.B. Joeres And M.J. Maynes, Eds, German Women In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries

Twentieth Century

World War One

Volker Berghahn, Germany And The Approach Of War In 1914,
Fritz Fischer, Germany’s Aims In The First World War
Jürgen Kocka, Facing Total War : German Society, 1914-1918
Roger Chickering, Imperial Germany And The Great War, 1914-1918

Helmut Heiber, The Weimar Republic
Eberhard Kolb, The Weimar Republic
Peter Fritzsche, Rehearsals For Fascism
Hans Mommsen, The Rise And Fall Of Weimar Democracy
Ian Kershaw, Ed., Weimar: Why Did German Democracy Fail?

Third Reich
Michael Burleigh And Wolfgang Wippermann, The Racial State
Michael H. Kater, The Nazi Party
Thomas A. Childers, The Nazi Voter : The Social Foundations Of Fascism In Germany, 1919-1933
Ian Kershaw, The Nazi Dictatorship
Barbara Miller Lane, Architecture And Politics In Germany, 1918-1945
Detlev J.K. Peukert, Inside Nazi Germany
Omer Bartov, Hitler’s Army
William Sheridan Allen, The Nazi Seizure Of Power
Martin Broszat, The Hitler State
Saul Friedlander, Nazi Germany And The Jews
Christopher Browning, Ordinary Men

Dennis L. Bark And David R. Gress, A History Of West Germany
Gregory Sandford, From Hitler To Ulbricht ; The Communist Reconstruction Of Eastgermany, 1945-46
Norman M. Naimark, The Russians In Germany : A History Of The Soviet Zone Of Occupation, 1945-1949
Peter H. Merkl, German Unification In The European Context
Henry A. Turner, Germany From Partition To Reunification
Andrei S. Markovits And Philip S. Gorski, The German Left
Charles S. Maier, Dissolution: The Crisis Of Communism And The End Of East Germany
Peter Baldwin (Ed.), Reworking The Past