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Women's History 1450-Present

Bonnie Smith The Gender Of History: Men, Women And Historical Practice
Joan Scott Ed Feminism & History
Lynn Hunt "The Challenge Of Gender. Deconstruction Of Categories And Reconstruction Of Narratives In Gender History," In Hans Medick And Anne-Charlott Trepp, Geschlectergeschichte Und Allgemeine Geschichte: Herausforderungen Und Perspektiven (Göttingen:Wallstein Verlag,1998), Pp. 59-97.
Lisa Duggan, “The Theory Wars, Or Who’s Afraid Of Judith Butler,” Journal Of Women’s History Vol 10, No. 1
Denise Riley Am I That Name?

Textbooks & Syntheses
Bonnie Smith Changing Lives: Women’s History In Europe Since 1700*
Georges Duby Ed A History Of Women Vols 3-5*
Merry Weisner Hanks Women In Early Modern Europe
Olwen Hufton The Prospect Before Her
Karen Offen European Feminisms From 1700 To 1990
Anne Laurence. Women In England 1500-1760 : A Social History
Sara Mendelson And Patricia Crawford Women In Early Modern England, 1550-1720.
James F. Mcmillan France And Women, 1789-1914 : Gender, Society And Politics
Ute Frevert Women In German History From Bourgeois Emancipation To Sexual Liberation*

Documents (For Future Reference)
Karen Offen, Ed. Victorian Women In England And France: A Documentary History
Katherine Usher Henderson And Barbara F. Mcmanus.Eds:Half Humankind : Contexts And Texts Of The Controversy About Women In England, 1540-1640
Women's Worlds In Seventeenth-Century England / Edited By Patricia Crawford And Laura Gowing.

Early Modern Women
Thomas Laqueur The Making Of Modern Sex
Joan Kelly Gadol “Did Women Have A Renaissance?” & “La Querelle Des Femmes” In Becoming Visible Bridenthal & Koonz Eds Or In Gadol Women’s History
Klapsich Zuber & Herlihy Tuscan Families
Steven Ozment When Fathers Ruled
Natalie Davis “City Women & Religious Change” In Early Modern Society
Lyndal Roper Holy Household
Erica Harth Cartesian Women (Omits Final Chapter)
Londa Scheibinger Does The Mind Have A Sex?
Carole Pateman Sexual Contract, Pp. 1-116
Phyllis Mack Visionary Women: Prophecy In Seventeenth-Century Englandds
Stevie Davies Unbridled Spirits: Women Of The English Civil Wars
Heide Wunder He Is The Sun, She Is The Moon: Women In Early Modern Germany
Amanda Vickery The Gentleman’s Daughter

French Revolution To WWII
Joan Landes Women And The Public Sphere
Genieve Fraisse Muse Of Reason
Lynn Hunt Family Romance Of The French Revolution
Joan Scott Nothing But Paradoxes To Offer
Bonnie Smith Women Of The Leisure Class
Leonore Davidoff The Best Circles: Victorian Women
Judith Walkowitz City Of Dreadful Delight
Barbara Taylor Eve And The New Jerusalem
Susan Grogan French Socialism & Sexual Difference: Women In The New Society 1803-1840
Gay Gullickson Unruly Women of Paris: Images Of The Commune
Leila J Rupp Women’s Worlds: First Wave Feminism In America,England & France
Mary Lou Roberts World Without Sexes
Susan Grayzel England & France, Women’s Identity At War (Wwi)
Ann Taylor Allen, Feminism And Motherhood In Germany, 1800-1914
Nancy R. Reagin, A German Women's Movement: Class And Gender In Hannover, 1880-1930
Barbara Evans Clements Bolshevik Women
Jill Stephenson The Nazi Organization Of Women
Klaus Theweleit Male Fantasies
Victoria Da Grazia How Fascism Ruled Women
Gisela Bock Maternity & Gender Politices: Women And The Rise Of The European Welfare State, 1880-1950

Joan Scott, Cora Kaplan & Debra Keates Transitions, Environments & Translations: Feminisms In International Politics (Sections On Western & Eastern Europe)
Claire Duchen Feminism In France: From May ‘68 To Mitterand
Bonnie Smith Global Feminisms: Controversies And Comparisons
Birnbaum Liberazione Della Donna:Women’s Liberation In Italy
Louise Tilly & Claire Duchen Eds Women In The European Community
Brigitte Young Triumph Of The Fatherland: German Unification And The Marginalization Of Women