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History is much more the study of the past. It also provides us with essential knowledge for understanding the present and an enriched view of the world around us. It helps us understand who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

Whether you are enrolling in a single History course or considering becoming a major, you will find the History Department a uniquely hospitable home within UCLA. Our internationally renowned faculty is composed of superb teachers and prize-winning scholars. We offer first-rate advising at all stages of undergraduate education, from the pre-major to the post-graduation stage.

History Department courses cover a vast range array of periods and geographic contexts, from the ancient Mediterranean to twenty-first century Los Angeles, early modern China to the modern Caribbean, colonial America to the Middle East. They delve into a wide variety of themes and issues, including global and regional history; the study of gender and sexuality; science and medicine; music and visual culture; diaspora and ethnicity; class and culture; war, violence, and peace.

Students of history at UCLA gain a broad and deep education about our world, helping them to be engaged citizens and informed individuals. They learn to read, write, and speak critically, effectively marshaling historical evidence and weighing conflicting interpretations. A History major is excellent preparation for a wide variety of careers, including public service, journalism, education, business, law, medicine, and the arts. Join us and create your own History program of with its own unique scope, depth, and fulfillment.