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Susan Alexandra Corey Rosenfeld

M.A. New York University, 2009
B.A. UC Santa Barbara, 2006

Fax: 310-206-7833
E-mail: susanrosenfeld@ucla.edu


African History; History of the African Diaspora; Yoruba History; History of Afro-Brazilian returnees

Research Interests

Trans-Atlantic slave trade; West African history; mythology and folklore; Afro-Brazilian returnees; Afro-Caribbean intellectual and cultural production and radicalism; Pan-Africanism; and Yoruba systems of divination. I am also working as a research assistant for the Marcus Garvey and UNIA Papers Project under Professor Robert Hill.


"First Word," African Arts 44.3 (Autumn 2011): 1, 4-9.

"Aphra Behn's Oroonoko and the Middle Passage Effect," Anamesa Interdisciplinary Journal 7, The Intersections Issue (January 2010): 22-28.

"Cut in Refugees' Clinic Budget Causes Concern," The Vision Newspaper (Buduburam Refugee Camp: Ghana, 2006). Jos Cephas, Editor-in-Chief.

Grants and Awards

International Dissertation Research Fellowship, Social Science Research Council, 2013

UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorships, 2012 and 2011

Travel Grant, UCLA History Department, Summer 2012

Alumni Association Fellowship, UCLA, 2011-2012

Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, June 2011-August 2011

International Institute Fellowship, UCLA, 2010-2011

Hirshhorn Award Finalist, New York University, 2009


Dr. Andrew H. Apter
Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley
Dr. William R. Summerhill
Dr. Allen F. Roberts

Conference Presentations

"'He puts a club in the hands of quarrelers': Fela Kuti as Postcolonial Trickster." Paper presented to the African Studies Association 55th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, December 1, 2012.

"Orunmila's Chain: Ifa Divination Genealogies in Three Yoruba Kingdoms." November 20, 2011. Delivered for the African Studies Association 54th Annual Meeting. Washington D.C.

"Babalawo of Afrobeat: Fela Kuti's Neo-Traditional Tricksterism at the 'Crossroads Republic.'" November 5, 2011. Delivered for the Association for the Worldwide Study of the African Diaspora (ASWAD) Sixth Biennial Conference. University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA.

"Esu and the Phallic Paradox: The Trickster's Anthropomorphic Iconography and Mythology as Allegories of Human Intercourse." March 23-26, 2011. Delivered for the Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA) 15th Triennial Symposium. University of California, Los Angeles. Los Angeles, California.

"Guerrilla Tricksters as Folkloric Strategies of Resistance: Slavery's Effect on the Transforming Definition of Morality from West Africa to the New World." November 18-21, 2010. Delivered for the African Studies Association 53rd Annual Meeting. San Francisco, California.

"The Predicament of Liberia's Youth Following Civil Conflict: Can Progress and Tradition Coexist?" November 20, 2009. Delivered for African Studies Association 52nd Annual Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana.

"David F. Dorr's Travel Narrative: Using Pan-African Ideology to Promote Abolition." August 3, 2009. Delivered for Association for the Worldwide Study of the African Diaspora (ASWAD) Fifth Biennial Conference. University of Ghana. Accra, Ghana.

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