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  • Amir Alexander: Ph.D., History of Science, Stanford University, 1996. History of mathematics; amiralex@ucla.edu
  • Joel Braslow: Ph.D., History, UCLA, 1994; M.D., Loma Linda University School of Medicine, 1984. History of psychiatry 310-794-2930; jbraslow@ucla.edu
  • Soraya de Chadarevian: Ph.D.,Philosophy, University of Konstanz, Germany, 1988. History of modern biology; History of the biomedical sciences from the nineteenth century to the present 310-825-3888/310-267-4767; chadarevian@history.ucla.edu
  • Robert Frank, Jr.: Ph.D. Harvard University, 1971. History of the biological sciences; History of medicine 310-825-3737; rfrankj@ucla.edu
  • Margaret Jacob: Ph.D., Cornell University, 1968; Ph.D. honoris causa, University of Utrecht, 2002. History of science; Intellectual history; British, French and Belgian early mechanization 310-794-4432; mjacob@history.ucla.edu
  • Theodore M. Porter: Ph.D., History, Princeton University,1981. History of 19th- and 20th-century science; History of statistics; History of social science 310-206-2352; tporter@history.ucla.edu
  • Mary Terrall: Ph.D., History, UCLA, 1987. History of early modern science; Gender and science 310-825-2013; terrall@history.ucla.edu
  • Sharon Traweek: Ph.D. University of California at Santa Cruz, 1982. History of 20th century physical science (U.S. and Japan); Cultural studies of science; Gender and science 310-825-4601; traweek@history.ucla.edu
  • Dora Weiner: Ph.D., Columbia University,1951. History of 18th- and 19th- century medicine and psychiatrydbweiner@ucla.edu
  • M. Norton Wise: Ph.D., Physics, Washington State University, 1968; Ph.D., History of Science, Princeton University, 1977. History of physical sciences, 18th-20th centuries; History of physics. 310-825-4764; nortonw@history.ucla.edu

Affiliated faculty

  • Christopher Kelty (Center for Society and Genetics and Information Studies): anthropological and historical work on computer science, software, and operating systems; ethics and politics of nanotechnology
  • Hannah Landecker (Center for Socient and Genetics and Sociology): social and historical study of biotechnology and life science from 1900-present
  • Marcia Meldrum (Center for Health Services and Society): History of pain research and management; history of mental health services; oral history of the biomedical sciences