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2013-2014 M.A. and Ph.D. Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Master of Arts

Ballor, Grace
Beaudoen, Lee Andre
De Lucia, Lori
Gordanier, Amy Westlake
Kiso, Michelle Masaye
Lewis, Pauline Lucy
Powers, Anne Beverly
Ruiz Stovel, Guillermo
Schneider, Winter Rae
Serrano, Fernando
Walsh, Sarah Marie
Zhang, Meng

Doctor of Philosophy

Apter, Norman D. (China)
"Saving the Young: A History of the Child Relief Movement in Modern China"

Bardeen, Regan Buck (Africa) "Utilitarian Pleasures: Print Culture and the Development of a Reading Public in Southwest Nigeria"

Deblinger, Rachel Beth (Europe) "In a World Still Trembling: American Jewish Philanthropy and Shaping of Holocaust Survivor Narratives in Postwar America (1945-1953)"

DeGuzman, Jean-Paul (United States) "And Make the San Fernando Valley My Home: Contested Spaces, Identities, and Activism on the Edge of Los Angeles"

Gilbert, Claire Morgan (Europe) "The Politics of Language in Western Mediterranean c.1492-c.1669: Multilingual Institutions and the Status of Arabic in Early Modern Spain"

Gleason, Tiffany Kathleen (Africa) "Coastal Islam: Religion and Identity among Minority Muslims in the French Colonial City of Porto-Novo, 1889-1939"

Kelly, Matthew Kraig (Near East) "Crime in the Mandate: British and Zionist Criminological Discourse and Arab Nationalist Agitation in Palestine, 1936-1939"

Luckett, Matthew S. (United States) "Honor Among Thieves: Horse Stealing, State-Building, and Culture in Lincoln County, Nebraska, 1860-1890"

Newman, Daniel Asher (Europe) "Criminal Strategies and Institutional Concerns in the Soviet Legal System: An Analysis of Criminal Appeals in Moscow Province, 1921-1928"

Okuhata, Mark Asami (United States) "Unchained Manhood: The Performance of Black Manhood During the Antebellum Civil War, and Reconstruction Eras"

Olivas, Aaron Alejandro (Europe) "Loyalty and Disloyalty to the Bourbon Dynasty in Spanish America and the Philippines during the War of Spanish Succession (1700-1715)"

Redford, Laura (United States) "The Promise and Principles of Real Estate Development in an American Metropolis: Los Angeles 1903-1923"

Reilly, Brandon Joseph (South/Southeast Asia) "Collecting the People: Textualizing Epics in Philippine History from the Sixteenth Century to the Twenty-First"

Rozenblatt, Daphne Claire (Europe) "Madness and Method: Enrico Morselli and the Social Politics of Psychiatry, 1852-1929"

Setiyawan, Dahlia Gratia (South/Southeast Asia) "The Cold War in the City of Heroes: U.S-Indonesian Relations and Anti-Communist Operations in Surabaya, 1963-1965"

Slaughter, Michael Anthony (United States) "Lessons on Freedom: Jefferson High School and Black Los Angeles, 1920-1950"

Taback, Naomi Johanna (Europe) "A Mission to Reform Manners: Religion, Secularization, and Empire in Early Modern England"

Weise, Constanze (Africa) "Governance and Ritual Sovereignty at the Niger-Benue Confluence: A Political and Cultural History of Nigeria's Igala, Northern Yoruba, and Nupoid-Speaking Peoples to 1900 CE"

York, Laura Suzanne (Europe): "Redeeming the Truth: Robert Morden and the Marketing of Authority in Early World Atlases"

Zaldivar, Antonio Morales (Medieval) "Language and Power in the Medieval Crown of Aragon: The Rise of Vernacular Writing and Codeswitching Strategies in the Thirteenth-Century Royal Chancery"

Zevin, Alexander Joshua (Europe) "Imprinting Modern Liberalism: Empire, Financial Capitalism, and The Economist, 1843-1938"

2012-2013 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Arias, Melanie (United States)

Ball, Molly (Latin America)

Bauer, Deborah (Europe) "Marianne is Watching:Knowledge, Secrecy, Intelligience and the Origins of the French Survelliance State (1870-1914)"

Bollinger, William (Latin America) "Textiles, Guano and Railroads: The Role of the United States in Early Development Failures of Peru, 1818-1876"

Bray, Christopher (United States) "Disobedience, Discipline, and the Contest for Order in Early National New England Militia"

Crago-Schneider, Kierra (Europe) "Jewish "Shtetls in Postwar Germany: An Analysis of Interaction Among Jewish Displaced Persons, Germans, and Americans Between 1945 and 1957 in Bavaria

Daly, Heather (United States) "American Indian Freedom Controversy: Political and Social Activism by Southern California Mission Indians, 1934-1958

Garza, Gustavo (Science) "An Emotive Mechanism:Phonographic Wonders and Possibilities at the Turn of the 20th century"

Good, Leanne (Medieval) "Land and Landscape: The Transition from Agilolfing to Carolingian Bavaria, 700-900"

Greene, Beth (Europe)

Gutfreund, Zevi (United States)

Hafez, Melis (Near East) "The Lazy, the Idle, the Industrious: Discourse and Practice of Work and Productivity in Late Ottoman Society"

Kim, Hanshin (China) "The Transformation in State and Elite Responses to Popular Religious Beliefs"

Kolar, Kelly (Europe) "What Kind of Past Should the Future Have? The Development of the Soviet Archival System, 1917-1938"

Lebe Melvin (United States) "Dimenshed Hopes: The United States and the United Nations During the Truman Years"

Levasheff, Drake Stanley (Religion)

Lovejoy, Henry (Latin America) "Old Oyo Influences on the Transformation of Lucumí Identity in Colonial Cuba"

Luce, Caroline (United States)

Mazumder, Rajashree (South and Southeast Asia)

Moundjian, Garabet (Near East) "Struggling for a Constitutional Regime: Aremnian-Young Turk Relations in the Era of Abdulhamid II, 1895-1909"

Musandu, Phoebe (Africa)

Myers, Eric (United States) "A Soldier at Heart: The Life of Smedley Butler, 1881-1940"

Petitfils, James (Religion)

Rodriguez, Steven (Europe) "Local People, National Parks, and International Conservation Movements: Conflicts over Nature in Southeast Asia"

Sanzo, Joseph (Religion) "In the Beginnings:The Apotrapaic Use of Scriptural Incipits in Late Antique Egypt"

Scull, Kevin (Religion) "Authority and Persuasion: Self-Presentation in Paul's Letters"

Seaman, Michael (Ancient) "Siege Warfare in Ancient Greece from Homer to Alexander"

Sevea, Terenjit (South and Southeast Asia)

Sierra, Pablo (Latin America)

Waters, Leslie (Europe) "Resureccting the Nation: Felvidék and the Hungarian Territorial Revisionist Project, 1938-1945"

Yarfitz, Mir (Latin America) "Polacos, White Slaves, and Stille Chuppahs: Organized Prostituion and the Jews of Buenos Aires, 1890-1939"

2011-2012 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Acker, Lauren (United States) "Savannah’s New South: The Politics of Reform, 1885-1910"

Balachandran, Jyoti (South Asia) "The Politics of Muslim Elites in the Gujanet Stultente"

Benton, Bradley (Latin America) "The Lords of Tetzcoco: Sixteenth-Century Transformation of Indigenous Leadership in the Aztec Empire's Second City"

Camprubi, Lino (Science) "Engineering: Science, Technology and the Francoist Landscape  (1939-1959)"

DeLee, Benjamin (Ancient) "Letters, Diplomacy, and Religious Polemic in Ninth-Century Byzantium: Niketas Byzantios and the Problem of Islam"

Everton, Elizabeth (Europe) "Sisters and Soldiers: The Representation & Participation of Women in the Antidrey Fusard Movement"

Frank, Linda (United States) "A Family Affair: The Marriage of Elizabeth Cady and Henry Brewster Stanton and the Development of Reform Politics"

Greenberg, Erik (United States) "A Prophet and His People: Israel Zangwill and His American Public, 1892-1926 and Beyond"

Gulema, Shimelis Bonsa (Africa) "Urbanizing a Nation: Addis Ababa and the Shaping of the Modern Ethiopian State 1941-1975"

Gutierrez, Veronica (Latin America) "Converting a Sacred City: Franciscan Re-Imagining of Sixteenth -Century San Pedro Cholula"

Irvin, Aaron (Ancient) "Romanization and the Creation of an Imperial Culture"

Janes, Lauren Rebecca Hinkle (Near East) "The Taste of Empire: Colonial Food In Interwar Paris"

Melton-Villanueva, Miriam (Latin America) "The Nahuas at Independence: Indigenous Communities of the Metepec Area (Toluca Valley) in the First Decades of the Nineteenth Century"

Moreno, Aaron (Medieval) "Arabicizing, Privileges, and Liturgy in Medieval Castilian Toledo: The Problems and Mutations of Mozarab Identity (1085-1436)"

Pak, Julie Kazdan (Europe) "Italy’s Primary Teachers: The Feminization of the Italian Teaching Profession, 1859- 1911"

Sarfatti-Piterberg, Tamar (Europe) "Les 'Egyptiens de la'n VI and the Description of Egypt"

Sierakowski, Robert (Latin America) "In the Footsteps of Sandino: Revolution, State Violence and Local Identity in Northern Nicaragua, 1956-1979"

2010-2011 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Ahn, Byungil (China) “Midwifery Reform, Modernization and Revolution in Twentieth-Century China" Chair: Prof. P.  Huang

Chavez, Miguel M. (United States) "Las Custro Esquinas: The Chicana Chicano Movement in West Side of Los Angeles, 1963-1979" Chair: Prof. Gomez-Quinones

Garcia, Leon (Latin America) " The Return of Martin Ocelotl: A Nahua Eschatological Discourse in Early Colonial Mexico" Chair: Prof. Terraciano

Yoon, David S (Europe) "The Restored Jewish State and the Revived Roman Empire: The Transmutation of John Nelson Darby's Dipensationalism into Modern Christian Zionism" Chairs: Profs. McClendon and Reill

2009-2010 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Akavia, Naamah (Science) “Subjectivity in Motion: Movement Between Psyche and Soma in the Work of Hermann Rorschach” Chair: Prof. N. Wise

Carter, Tracey Lynn (Africa) “The Historical Role of Griots in Gambian Politics” Chairs: Profs. E. Alpers & A. Apter

Conedera, Sam Zeno (Medieval) “Ecclesiastical Chivalry: The Military-Religious Life in Leon-Castile, 1150-1330” Chair: Prof. T. Ruiz

Cowan, Benjamin (Latin America) “The Secret History of Subversion: Sex, Modernity, and the Brazilian National Security State” Chair: Prof. R. Derby

Davis, Ann Marie Lynn (Japan) “'The Prostitute' in Modern Japan (1850-1912)” Chair: Prof. S. Traweek

Eason, David Anthony (Japan) “The Culture of Disputes in Early Modern Japan, 1550-1700” Chair: Prof. H. Ooms

Friedman, Toba Malka (Europe) “'At the Block All Hero He Appear'd:' Noble Execution and Redemption in Tudor England” Chair: Prof. M. McClendon

Gonzalez, Joan Gabriela (Europe) “Opera as Propaganda: The Trajan-Napoleon Parallel in Le Triomphe de Trajan” Chairs: Profs. S. McClary & K. Norberg

Guillory, Sean Christopher (Europe) “We Shall Refashion Life on Earth! The Political Culture of the Young Communist League,1918-1928” Chair: Prof. J.A. Getty

Mokhberi, Susan Marie (Europe) “France and Persia in the Age of Absolutism” Chair: Prof. K. Norberg

Nichols-Geerdes, Sasha (United States) “Ancient Systems of Trade: Organizing Commerce in the Colonial North” Chair: Prof. N. Lamoreaux

Palinic, Bo Kristin (Europe) “Otto Preminger's Laura, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Angel Face: An Obsession with Freudian Psychology” Chairs: Profs. P. Baldwin & A. Field

Perez, Erika (United States) "Colonial Intimacies: Interethnic Kinship, Sexuality and Marriage in Southern California, 1769-1885." Chair: Prof. S. Aron

Prasad, Ritika (South Asia) “Tracking Modernity: The Experience of Railways in Colonial India, 1853-1947” Chair: Prof. V. Lal

Rodriguez, Victor Jose (United States) “The Practical Man: John Dewey, The Idea of America, and the Making of the Modern Mexican, 1898-1934” Chairs: Profs. R. Derby & J. Wang

Schoolman, Edward McCormick (Ancient) “Civic Transformation of the Mediterranean City: Ravenna and Antioch, 300-800 CE” Chair: Prof. C. Rapp

Sharma, Patrick Allan (United States) “The Road to Structural Adjustment: Changing Norms of Development at Robert McNamara's World Bank, 1968-1981” Chair: Prof. E. Dubois

Silverman, Aaron (United States) “A Dark Spectre: The Haitian Revolution and American Politics” Chair: Prof. B. Stevenson

Takeuchi, Michiko (Japan) “Pan-Pan Girls and GIs: The Japan-U.S. Military Prostitution System in Occupied Japan (1945-1952)” Chair: Prof. S. Traweek

Tortorici, Zeb Joseph (Latin America) “Contra Natura: Sin, Crime and Unnatural Sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1600-1800” Chair: Prof. K. Terraciano

Turkyilmaz, Zeynep (Near East) “Anxieties of Conversion: Missionaries, State and Heterodox Communities in the Late Ottoman Empire” Chair: Prof. J. Gelvin

Villella, Peter Buckingham (Latin America) “The True Heirs to Anahuac: Native Nobles, Creole Patriots and the 'Natural Lords' of Colonial Mexico” Chair: Prof. K. Terraciano

2008-2009 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

BETTS, Mellissa (AF) “Namibia’s No Man’s Land: Race, Space and Identity in the History of Windhoek Coloureds Under South African Rule, 1915-1990) Chair: Prof. Edward A. Alpers

BISWAS, Paromita (US) “Colonial Displacements: Nationalist Longing and Identity Among Early Indian Intellectuals in the United States” Chair: Prof. Michael Salmon

CHASIN, Stephanie (EUJ) “Citizens of Empire: Jews in the Service of the British Empire, 1906-1940” Chair: Prof. David Myers

CONTRERAS, Carlos (LA) “Bankruptcy to NAFTA: Mexico’s Foreign Policy Opens to the World, 1982-1994” Chair: Prof. James Wilkie

DABARS, William (EU) “Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity: Rhetoric and Context in the American Research University" Chair: Prof. David Sabean

EASTERLY, Michael (US) “Your Job is Your Credit: Creating a Market for Loans to Salaried Employees in New York City, 1885-1920” Chair: Prof. Naomi Lamoreaux

HOLLIS, Corey. (EU) “The Social Navigations of Sir Robert Dudley 1574-1649” Chair: Prof. Muriel McClendon

JOY, Natalie (US) “Hydra’s Head: Fighting Slavery and Indian Removal in Antebellum American” Chair: Prof. Ellen DuBois

LEWIS, Mark (EU) “International Legal Movements Against War Crimes, Terrorism, and Genocide, 1919-1948” Chair: Prof. Ivan Berend

LI, Fangchun (CH) “Class, Power and the Contradictions of Chinese Revolutionary Modernity: Interpreting Land Reform in Northern China 1946-48” Co-Chairs: Prof. Phillip Huang and Prof. Kathryn Bernhardt

MAESTREJUAN, Andrea (EU) “Inventors, Firms, and the Market for Technology During the Kaiserreich 1877-1914” Chair: Prof. David Sabean

MURILLO, Dana Velasco (LA) “Urban Indians in a Silver City, Zacatecas, Mexico 1546-1806” Chair: Prof. Kevin Terraciano

POLANICHKA, Dana (ME) “Precious Stones, Living Temples: Sacred Space in Carolingian Churches, 751-833 C.E.” Chair: Prof. Patrick Geary

RICHARDSON, K.C. (REL) “Early Christian Care for the Poor: An Alternative Subsistence Strategy Under Roman Imperial Rule”, Co-Chairs: Prof. Ron Mellor and Dr. Scott Bartchy

SCHREIER, Jesse (US) “Different Shades of Freedom: Indians, African Americans, and Race in the Choctaw Nation, 1800-1907” Chair: Prof. Stephen Aron

STANSBURY, Jeffrey (US) “Organized Workers and the Making of Los Angeles, 1890-1915). Chair: Prof. Janice Reiff

STEIN, Joshua (US) “The Right to Violence: Assault Prosecution in New York, 1760-1840” Chair: Prof. Ruth Bloch

WARD, Walter (AN) “From Provincia Arabia to Palaestina Tertia: The Impact of Geography, Economy, and Religion on the Sedentary and Nomadic Communities in the Later Roman Province of the Third Palestine” Co-Chairs: Prof. Ron Mellor and Prof. Claudia Rapp

WELDEMICHAEL, Awet (AF/SEA) “The Eritrean and East Timorese Liberation Movements. Toward a Comparative Study of Movements: Toward a Comparative Study of the Grand Strategies” Co-Chairs: Prof. Geoffrey Robinson and Prof. Edward A. Alpers

WILLIAMS, Jakobi (US) “Racial Coalition Politics in Chicago: A Case Study of Fred Hampton, the Illinois Black Panther Party and the Origin of the Rainbow Coalition” Chair: Prof. Brenda Stevenson

2007-2008 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

BARNETT, TERESA (US) “The Nineteenth-Century Relic: A Prehistory of the Historical Artifact” Chair: Prof. Joan Waugh

BARNHART, Megan (US) “To Secure the Benefits of Science to the General Welfare: Scientists' Political Activism and the American Public during the Cold War, 1945-1960” Chair: Prof. Jessica Wang

BARZILAI-LUMBROSO, Ruth (NE)"Turkish Men, Ottoman Women: Popular Turkish Historians and the Writing of Ottoman Women's History" Co-Chairs: Prof. Nikki Keddie and Prof. Gabriel Piterberg

BROWNE, Errol Tsekani (US) “Anna Julia Cooper and Black Women’s Intellectual Tradition: Race, Gender and Intellectual Tradition: Nation in the Making of a Modern Race Woman, 1892-1925” Chair: Prof. Brenda Stevenson

CASTEEL, Eric (SC) “Entrepot and Backwater: A Cultural History of the Transfer of Medical Knowledge from Leiden to Edinburgh, 1692-1738” Chair: Margaret Jacob

CHOI, SUNG (EU)“From Colonial Citizen to Postcolonial Repatriate: Decolonization and the Integration of the French from Algeria, 1962 to the Present" Chair: Prof. Perry Anderson

CINI, Carol Frances (US) “Making Women’s Rights Matter: Diverse Activists, California’s Commission on the Status of Woman, and the Legislative and Social Impact of a Movement, 1962-1976” Chair: Prof. Ellen DuBois

COOPER OWENS, Deirdre (US) “’Courageous Negro Servitors’ and Laboring Irish Bodies: An Examination of Antebellum-Era Modern American Gynecology” Chair: Prof. Brenda Stevenson

DEES, Robert (EU) “Economics and Politics of Peasant Production in South Germany, 1350-1650” Chair: Prof. David Sabean

DEMARE, Brian James (CH) “Turning Bodies and Turning Minds: Land Reform and Chinese Political Culture, 1946-1952” Chair: Prof. Philip Huang

DIXON, John (US) “Cadwallader Colden and the Rise of Public Dissension: Politics, Science, and Print in Pre-Revolutionary New York” Chair: Prof. Ruth Bloch

EISSENSTAT, Howard (NE) “The Limits of Imagination: Debating the Nation and Constructing the State in Early Turkish Nationalism” Chair: Prof. James Gelvin

EL-SHAMMAA, Magdy Mounir (NE) “Shadows of Contemporary Lives: Modernity, Culture, and National Identity in Egyptian Filmmaking” Chair: Prof. James Gelvin

GIBBS, Jenna Marie (EU) “Performing the Temple of Liberty: Slavery, Rights, and Revolution in Transatlantic Theatricality (1760-1830)” Chair: Professor Margaret Jacob

GINOZA, Naomi (JA) “Dissonance to Affinity: An Ideological Analysis of Japanese Cinema in the 1930s” Prof. Fred Notehelfer

HAWKINS, Michael Gary (US) “Co-Producing the Postcolonial: U.S.-Philippine Cinematic Relations, 1946-1986” Chair: Prof. Michael Salman

HUI, Alexandra (SC) “Hearing Sound as Music: Psychophysical Studies of Sound Sensation and the Music Culture of German, 1860-1910” Chair: Prof. Norton Wise

LEE, Anthony (AF) "The Establishment of the Baha'i Faith ion West Africa: The First Decade, 1952-1962" Chair: Prof. Edward A. Alpers

LE NORMAND, Brigitte (EU) “Raising the Phoenix: the Wax and Waning of Modernist Urban Planning in Belgrade, 1945-1972” Chair: Prof. Ivan Berend

LIVIE, Kyle (US) “Wide Open Spaces: Rural Communities and the Making of Metropolitan California, 1870-1940” Chair: Prof. Jan Reiff

LUDDINGTON, Peter (US) “Why the Good War Was Good: Franklin Roosevelt’s New World Order” Chair: Prof. Richard Weiss

MAYNARD, Kelly (EU) "The Enemy Within: Hearing Wagner in Early Third Republican France" Chair: Professor Debora Silverman

MUSIL, Emily (AF) "La Marianne Noire: How Gender and Race in the Twentieth Century Atlantic World Reshaped the Debate about Human Rights" Chairs: Prof. Edward A. Alpers and Prof. Ghislaine Lydon

PADDISON, Joshua Allen (US) “American Heathens: Religion, Race and Reconstruction in California” Chair: Prof. Stephen Aron

PADWA, Howard (EU) “Narcotics vs. the Nation: The Culture and Politics of Opiate Use in Britain and France, 1821-1931” Chair: Prof. Peter Baldwin

ORTEGA, Jose Guadalupe (LA) “The Cuban Sugar Complex in the Age of Revolution, 1789, 1844” Co-Chairs: Prof. James Lockhart and Prof. Kevin Terraciano

RAY, Michael S. (LA) “The Human Capital and the Wealth of Nations: A New Methodology for Evaluating Measurements of Social and Economic Change in Latin American and Other World Regions” Chair: Prof. James Wilkie

ROCKWELL, Nicholas Ryan (AN) “The Boeotian Army: The Convergence of Warfare, Politics, Society, and Culture in the Classical Age of Greece” Chair: Prof. David Phillips

RYAN, Dan (EU) “The Tsar's Faith: Conversion, Commitment, and Contestation in Livland Province, 1845-1870” Chair: Stephen Frank

RYAN, Joseph (LA) “"Credit Where Credit is Due: Lending and Borrowing in Rio de Janeiro, 1820-1900" Chair: Prof. William Summerhill

SCHULL, Kent (NE) “Penal Institutions, Nation-state Construction, and Modernity in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1908-1919” Chair: Prof. James L. Gelvin

2006-2007 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

BRIMMER, Brandi (US) “All Her Rights and Privileges: African American Civil War Widows and the Politics of Widows' Pensions”, Chairs – Prof. Naomi Lamoreaux and Prof. Laura Edwards (Duke)

DAUVERD, Celine (EU) “Symbiotic Mediterranean Empire: The Genoese Trade Diaspora in Spanish Naples, 1460-1640”, Chair – Prof. Geoffrey Symcox

FIRPO, Christina (SEA) “’The Durability of the Empire:’ Race, Empire and ‘Abandoned’ Children in Colonial Vietnam 1870-1956,” Chair - Geoffrey Robinson and Thu Huong Nguyen-Vo

EYAL, Hillel (LA) “Colonizing the Colonizer: Spanish Immigrants and Creoles in Late Colonial Mexico City”, Chair – Prof. José Moya

FAGAN, Patricia (ME) - "Pope Adrian IV, the Clear-Eyed Chief Executive, and His Papacy (1154-1159)", Chair – Prof. Teo Ruiz

GALINDO, Alfonso J. (LA) "Why is Mexico Unstable? Corporativism and Rent-Seeking since 1929", Chair - Prof. James Wilkie

GERARDO, Mehera (US) “Competing Expressions of Manhood, the Zoot Suit Riots, and Young Mexican American Masculine Identity in WWII Los Angeles”, Chair – Prof. Ellen DuBois

HENRY, Todd (JA) - "Keijo: Japanese and Korean Constructions of Colonial Seoul and the History of its Lived Spaces, 1910-37", Chair – Prof. Miriam Silverberg

HOPPER, Matthew (AF) “The African Presence in Arabia: Slavery, the World Economy, and the African Diaspora in Eastern Arabia, 1840-1940”, Chair – Prof. Edward A. Alpers

HSU, Danny (CH) “Impeachments and Administrative Litigation in Qing and Republican Law”, Chairs – Prof. Kathryn Bernhardt, Prof. Philip Huang

KAFKA, Linus (US) “Cosmopolitan Connections: Henry Adams, His Circle, and the Global Gilded Age”, Chair – Prof. Thomas Hines

KENT, Max (EU) “The British Enlightenment and the Sprit of the Industrial Revolution: The Society for Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce: 1754-1815”, Chair – Prof. Ivan Berend

LOPEZ-DENIS, Adrian (LA) “Disease and Society in Colonial Cuba, 1790-1840”, Chair- Prof. José Moya

MARTOS, Sofia (LA) “The Balancing Act: Ethnicity, Commerce, and Politics Among Syrian and Lebanese Immigrants in Argentina, 1890-1955”, Chair – Prof. Jose Moya

PANGBURN, Kris (EU) “Personal Immortalities: German Perspectives on Life after Death, 1770-1820”, Chair - Prof. Peter Reill

POBLETE-CROSS, JoAnna (US) “Intra-Colonial Lives: Puerto Rican and Filipino sugar plantation labor recruits to Hawai’i, 1900 to 1940”, Chair – Prof. Henry Yu

RICE, Melinda (EU) “A Fool and His Money: Culture and Financial Choice during the John Law Affair of 1720”, Chair – Prof. Kate Norberg

ROLSTON, Arthur (US) “Constituting Capitalism: Constitutional Revision in Kentucky and Ohio from the Jacksonian Age to the Progressive Era”, Chairs – Prof. Naomi Lamoreaux and Prof. Stephen Aron

STERNFELD, Joshua (EU) “Jazz Echoes: The Cultural and Sociopolitical Reception of Jazz in Weimar and Nazi Berlin, 1925-1945”, Chair – Prof. Debora Silverman

SUH, So Young (SC) “Korean Medicine between the Local and the Universal: 1600-1945”, Chairs – Prof. Norton Wise and Prof. Charlotte Furth (USC)

TODOROV, Boris (ME) “The Bulgarians between the Two Romes: The Discourse of Power in Medieval Bulgaria”, Chair – Prof. Patrick Geary

UHLMANN, Jennifer (US) “The Communist Civil Rights Movement: Legal Activism in the United States, 1919-1946”, Chair – Prof. Ellen DuBois

VIEIRA-MARTINEZ, Carolyn (AF) “Building Kimbundu: Historical Language Communities Reconsidered in Central Africa, c.1500-1750”, Co-Chairs: Prof. Edward A. Alpers and Prof. Christopher Ehret

2005-2006 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Alagona, Peter (Science) Endangered Species, Politics and the History of Conservation Biology; Chair: Jessica Wang

Anooshahr, Ali (NE) The Ghazi Sultans and the Frontiers of Islam; Chair: Michael Morony

Benitez, Juan (United States) A Social History of the Mexico-United States Border: How Tourism, Demographic Shifts and Economic Integration Shaped the Image and Identity of Tijuana Baja, California, Since World War II; Co-Chairs: Jose Moya & James Wilkie

Bond, Robert (NE) Office of the Ottoman Court Historian of Vak’aniivij, 1714-1922: An Institutional and Prosoprographic Study; Chair: Stanford Shaw

Bottoms, Donald (United States) An Aristocracy of Color:  Race and Reconstruction in Post-Gold Rush California; Chair: Stephen Aron

Breiteneicher, Jessica (US), The First Casualties: American Nation-Building in South Vietnam, 1955-1965; Co-chairs: Jessica Wang & Geoffrey Robinson

Britton, Glenn (US) “Improving” the Middle Landscape: Conservation and Social Change in Rural Southern Michigan, 1890-1940; Chair: Stephen Aron

Campbell, Marne (United States) Race and Revival:  A Social History of African-American Migration to Los Angeles, 1870-1920; Chair: Brenda Stevenson

Chappell, L. Stephen (Ancient) Romanization in Dacia; Chair:  Ronald Mellor

Elkind, Jessica (US) The First Casualties:  American Nation-Building in South Vietnam, 1955-1965; Co-Chairs:  Jessica Wang & Geoffrey Robinson

Emon, Anver (NE) The Natural Law Tradition in Islam; Chair:  Robert I. Burns

Garcia, David G.(US), The Evolution of a Critical Race Theater: Culture Clash and Chicana/o Performance Art 1965-2004, Chair: Juan Gomez-Quinones

Gifford, Laura (United States) The Center Cannot Hold: The 1960 Election and the Rise of Modern Conservatism; Chair: Jessica Wang

Graham, Wade (United States) Braided Waters: Environment, Economy and Community in Molokai, Hawaii; Chair: Steve Aron

Kim, Susan Chongmi (United States) The Life of John Rogers: Sectarian Leadership in New London, 1674-1721; Chair: Joyce Appleby

Lambert, Kevin (SC) Mind Over Matter: Language, Mathematics, and Electromagnetism in Nineteenth Century Britain; Chair: Norton Wise

Lebovic, Nitzan (EU) The Politicalization of ‘Lebensphilosophie’ From Ludwig Klages to National Socialism, 1870-1933; Co-Chairs: Saul Friedlander & David Myers

McDonough, Scott (NE) Power by Negotiation: Institutional Reform in the Fifth Century Sasanian Empire; Co-Chairs: Claudia Rapp & Michael Morony

Mcvety, Amanda (United States) U.S. Development Policy and the Point Four Program;  Chair:  Jessica Wang

Memarzadeh, Maher (Latin America) Medical Practitioners in Early Colonial Mexico; Co-Chairs: Kevin Terraciano & Michael Morony

Mineo, Claudia (EU) Power, Law and Memory:  The Struggle Over Municipal Privileges in Sixteenth-Century Castile; Chair:  Teo Ruiz

Nelson, William (EU) The Weapon of Time:  Constructing the Future in France, 1750 to Year I.; Chair:  Lynn Hunt

Numark, Mitch (South Asia) Translating Religion in British India:  Missionaries and the Politics of Religious Knowledge in Colonial Bombay and British India; Chair: Vinay Lal

Park, Peter (EU) The Exclusion of Asia from the Formation of a Modern Canon of Philosophy: Debates in German Philosophy, 1790-1830; Chair: Peter Reill

Raia, Courtenay (EU) Intersecting Science, Empire and the Super Natural in the Victorian Fin de Siecle; Chair: Theodore Porter

Strub, Whitney (United States) Perversion for Profit:  The Politics of Obscenity and Pornography in the Postwar United States; Chair:  Ruth Bloch

Suh, So (Science) From Tngui to Hanui:  Inventing the Tradition of Korean Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Korea; Co-Chairs:  M. Norton Wise

Theisen, Joseph (Latin America) Strategic Struggle for World Oil:  Standard Oil of New Jersey and Hidden Elitelore in Mexico's Expropration; Chair:  James Wilkie

Tran, Lisa (CH) Concubines Under Modern Chinese Law, 1912-1953; Co-Chairs: Philip Huang & Kathryn Bernhardt

Trenchard-Smith, Margaret (Ancient Byzantine) Categories and Modes of Unreason in Early Medieval Byzantium; Chair:  Claudia Rapp

2004-2005 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Goldfarb, Elizabeth Bisbee (AN) Transformation Through Imitation: Biblical Figures as Moral Exempla in the Post-Classical World; Chair: Claudia Rapp

Graham, Stacey (ME) The Dissemination of North African Christian and Intellectual Culture in Late Antiquity; Co-Chairs Claudia Rapp & Richard Rouse

Guzman, Kristen (US) Art in the Heart of East L.A.: A History of Self Help Graphics and Art, Inc., 1972-2002; Chair: Juan Gomez-Quinones

Halloran, Fiona (US) The Power of the Pencil: Thomas Nast and American Political Art; Chair: Joan Waugh

Hu, Minghui (SC) Cosmopolitan Confucianism and the Mathematical Way, 1720-1840; Co-Chairs: Ben Elman & Theodore Porter

Jaaska, Arne (ME) Raetia and Alamania: The Mixed Cultural World of a Former Roman Province in the Early Middle Ages; Chair: Patrick Geary

Milton, Gregory (ME): Commerce, Crisis and Society in a Medieval Village: Santa Coloma de Queralt, 1294-1313; Chair: Teofilo Ruiz

Monty, Christopher (RU) Moscow is Far Away: Stalin’s Party Inspectors and the Politics of Personnel During the New Economic Policy, 1921-1928; Chair: Arch Getty

Ostergren, Gail (US) Angels and Saints: Making and Promoting Place in Los Angeles and Southern California, 1890-1932; Chair: Janice Reiff

Rosenthal, Nicholas (US) Re-Imagining “Indian Country”: American Indians and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area; Chair: Melissa Meyer

Rusk, Bruce (CH) The Rogue Classicist: Feng Fang (1493-1566) and His Forgeries; Chair: Ben Elman

Scourtis, Constantina (BYZ) Failure of Reconciliation: The Byzantine Experience at the Council of Ferrara-1438-39; Chair: Barisa Krekic

Shulman, Elena (RU) Pacifying a Marvelous Land: Gender and Settlement in the Soviet Far East, 1937-1940; Chair: Arch Getty

Vanderbilt, Gregory (US) “The Kingdom of God is Like a Mustard Seed”: Evangelizing Modernity Between the U.S. and Japan, 1905-1948; Co- Chairs: Joyce Appleby & Fred Notehelfer

Zhang, Jiayan (CH) Environmental Change, Economic Growth, and Peasant Behavior: Agrarian History of the Jiaghan Plain, 1644-1949; Co-Chairs: Philip Huang & Kathryn Bernhardt

Zwick, Tamara (EU) Correspondence Between Public and Private: German Women, Kinship and Class in 19th-Century Hamburg; Chair: David Sabean