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Name Room Phone Email
Stephen Aron,
Department Chair
6265B 825.1883

Andrea Goldman,
Vice Chair for Undergraduate Affairs
5355 825.3368
Toby Higbie,
Director, Public History Initiative (PHI)
5242 794.9331
Muriel McClendon,
Vice Chair for Graduate Affairs
5341 825.3918
Joan Waugh,
Vice Chair for Academic Personnel
Verna Abe,
Academic Personnel Coordinator
6276 206.0569
Jessica Bellamy,
Events Coordinator
6391 825.7977
Amy Choe,
Administrative Coordinator
6265 825.0154
Deborah Dauda,
Graduate and Undergraduate Counselor
6288 825.3269
Bibi Dhillonn,
Chief Administrative Officer
6265C 825.4258
Diana Fonseca,
Fund Manager
6273 206.2903
Annette Haratunian,
Academic Apprentice & Payroll Coordinator
6284 206.3133
Hubert Ho,
Computer Resource Specialist
6293 206.5154
Mary Johnson,
Computer Resource Manager
6293 825.2607
Ann Major,
Assistant to the Chair
6265 206.9043
Paul Padilla,
Undergraduate Advisor
6248 825.3720
Hadley Porter,
Manager, Student Affairs
6290 206.2627
Cheryl Wilkinson,
Program Coordinator, PHI
6339 825.4702
Karen Wilson,
Graduate Career Officer
6349 825.4456

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Cross-Field Clusters

Alongside our existing 12 sub-fields, the History Department supports a number of cross-field clusters.  The clusters are intended to attract students and faculty to important themes and current in the historical discipline.  The clusters will offer new courses, sponsor outside speakers, and convene Department-based workshops and seminars.

Atlantic Emphasis

History of Women, Men & Sexuality Emphasis

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New Books by Faculty

Robin Kelley has published a new book, "The Other Special Relationship: Race, Rights and Riots in Britain and the United States," (New York: Palgrave, 2015)

Sanjay Subrahmanyam has published a new book, "Leçons Indiennes: Itinéraires d'un historien, Delhi, Lisbonne, Paris, Los Angeles," (Paris: Alma, 2015)

Eric Avila has published a new book, "The Folklore of the Freeway: Race and Revolt in the Modernist City," (University of Minnesota Press, 2014)

Juan Gómez-Quiñones has published a new book, "Making Aztlán: Ideology and Culture of the Chicana and Chicano Movement, 1966-1977," (University of New Mexico Press, 2014)

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