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Research Interests

Albion M. Urdank is a tenured Associate Professor of Modern British and European History, who received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1983. He has a research interest in British social and economic history, with an emphasis on the study of local and regional communities of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He has written a book on the wool weaving village of Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, in this period, titled Religion and Society in a Cotswold Vale, and is currently engaged in a study in historical demography of this same area, one that compares the reproductive behavior of the Anglican laity to that of Protestant Dissenters. He also studies popular religion and is engaged in reading a voluminous collection of manuscript sermons, composed and delivered by an evangelical Baptist minister active in the locale.

Mr. Urdank also plans to undertake a regional study of pastoral society along the Scottish/English border in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This academic project derives partly from his fondness for training Border Collies and entering them competitively in sheepdog trials throughout California and the Western United States. Border Collies were bred originally in the Scottish borders and entered profoundly into the folk culture of that region's communities. The Border Collie today is regarded as the most intelligent breed of dog and the premier sheepdog anywhere in the world. ["See Albion M Urdank, 'The Rationalisation of Rural Sport: British Sheepdog Trials, 1873-1946," in Rural History, (2006) 17, 1, 65-82 as an aspect of this research.]

Collection of articles, International Sheepdog News, 2005-present

"Meeker Sheep, Past and Present,International Sheepdog News, Jan/Feb 2009 "

"California dreaming: the 26th Portervile Spring Trial,International Sheepdog News, May/June 2009 "

"San Diego Highland Games Trial,International Sheepdog News, July/August 2009 "

"The Kaycee Challenge,International Sheepdog News, November/December 2009 "

"Snowbirds on the Border,International Sheepdog News, March/April 2012 "

"Memorial Day Weekend Trial May 25/28, International Sheepdog News, July/August 2012 "

"Obituary: Albion Urdank's Maeve,International Sheepdog News, September/October 2012 "

"Coalville and Lacamas, a tale of two trials,International Sheepdog News, January/February 2013 "

"Your letters: Judging, International Sheepdog News, Jan/Feb 2014"

"Testing for weakness, International Sheepdog News, Jan/Feb 2014"

"Your letters: Ignoring faults in the dog work, International Sheepdog News, September/October 2014"

For further commentary on matters relating to sheep and Border Collies, see: http://albion-sheepcompany.blogspot.com.

Selected Publications

RELIGION AND SOCIETY IN A COTSWOLD VALE: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, 1780 to 1865. 460 Pp. $47.60. University of California Press, 1990.

“The Rationalisation of Rural Sport: British Sheepdog Trials, 1873-1946,” Rural History: Economy, Society, Culture, 17, 1 (April 2006), Pp. 65-82.

“Religion and Reproduction among English Dissenters: Gloucestershire Baptists in the Demographic Revolution,” Comparative Studies in Society and History , 33, no. 3 (July 1991), 511-527.

“The Consumption of Rental Property: Gloucestershire Plebeians and the Market Economy, 1750-1860.” Journal of Interdisciplinary History XXI, 2 (Autumn 1990), 261-281.

“Custom, Conflict and Traditional Authority in the Gloucester Weaver Strike of 1825,”
Journal of British Studies, Vol. 25, no. 2 (April 1986).

“Economic Decline in the English Industrial Revolution: The Gloucester Wool Trade, 1800-1840,” Journal of Economic History, XLV, no. 2 (June, 1985).

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