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Jeffrey Allen Stevens

Ph.D. Candidate in Ancient History.
C.Phil., History, UCLA 2011;
M.A., History, UCLA, 2009;
M.A., Ancient History, University of Oregon 2007;
B.A., History, University of Oregon, 2005;
B.A., Economics and Government, Claremont McKenna College, 1993

Fax: 310-206-7833
E-mail: jf.stevens@ucla.edu


Roman History, Greek History, Classical Archaeology, Late Antiquity

Research Interests

Dissertation Title: Staring into the Face of Roman Power: Resistance and Assimilation from behind the Mask of Infamia (Chair: Ronald Mellor).
Assistant Field Director, San Martino Archaeological Field School (RI), Torano di Borgorose, Italy (University of Rochester site affiliation)


In preparation:

"La ceramica dai contesti tardo antichi di San Martino di Torano (Borgorose RI)" (co-authored with Elizabeth Colantoni, Gabriele Colantoni, Maria Rosa Lucidi, and Francesco Tommasi), to be published in Le forme della crisi. Produzioni ceramiche e commerce nell?Italia central tra Romani e Longobardi, edited by Enrico Cirelli, Francesca Diosono and Helen Patterson, Ante Quem, Bologna.

Grants and Awards

Herma and Celia Wise Fellowship, UCLA 2012
Olken Scholar, UCLA 2012
Betty Coates Award, Association of Ancient Historians, 2011
Scott Olken Award, UCLA, 2011
UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, 2010
UCLA Chancellor's Prize Fellowhip, 2007
Graduate Teaching Fellowship, University of Oregon, 2005-07
Departmental Honors in History, University of Oregon, 2005


Dr. Ronald Mellor, UCLA History
Dr. Claudia Rapp, UCLA History
Dr. David Phillips, UCLA History
Dr. Robert Gurval, UCLA Classics

Conference Presentations

"The Cult of Nemesis: From a Goddess of Wrath to a Guardian of Civic Virtue," Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians, Durham, North Carolina: May 4-6, 2012
"Spartacus and Gladiators in the Arena of Cable Television," Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians, Erie, Pennsylvania, May 6, 2011
"Reflecting Roman History through the Opulent Mirror: Morality and Luxury as Instruments of Political Propaganda in the Historiography of Livy and Velleius," Annual University of Oregon History Conference, Eugene, May 28, 2006

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