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Anne Winter

Anne Winter joins the UCLA History Department as the Van Dyck Chair during Spring Term 2017. The Van Dyck Chair is a special arrangement between UCLA and the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), by which a scholar from a Flemish university is invited to participate in teaching and research at UCLA concerning the history of the Low Countries. Anne Winter (MSc LSE 2002, PhD VUB 2007) is Associate Professor at the Department of History of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where she is also Director of the HOST Research Centre (Historical Research into Urban Transformation Processes). Her research focuses on the social and economic history of the Low Countries in the early modern period and the long nineteenth century in an internationally comparative perspective, with a particular focus on the interactions between migration, social policy, urbanization and labor relations. At UCLA she teaches History 125D: History of the Low Countries, focusing on the social history of cities in the Low Countries from the late Middle Ages to the eighteenth century.

Core publications include:

Steven King & Anne Winter (eds), Migration, Settlement and Belonging in Europe, 1500–1930s: Comparative Perspectives, Berghahn (International Studies in Social History 23), 2016, 316 p.

Anne Winter & Thijs Lambrecht, ‘Migration, Poor Relief and Local Autonomy: Settlement Policies in England and the Southern Low Countries in the Eighteenth Century’, Past and Present 218 (2013), 91–126.

Bert De Munck & Anne Winter (eds), Gated Communities? Regulating Migration in Early Modern Cities, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2012, 308 p.

Anne Winter, Migrants and Urban Change: Newcomers to Antwerp, 1760-1860, London: Pickering & Chatto Publishers, 2009, 328 p. (Perspectives in Economic and Social History, 1).

More details with links to publications and on-going research can be found at: