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Ellen DuBois


Contact Information

Office  6244 Bunche Hall
Phone  310-825-1846


Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1975


2018 Recipient, 124th UCLA Faculty Lecture; Event video:  http://www.history.ucla.edu/content/ellen-dubois-124th-ucla-faculty-research-lecture

Fellow, Royal Dutch Institute of Advanced Studies, 2006-2007

Recipient of 1999 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship

Selected Publications

Common-Place, Winter 2009, "Seneca Falls in Santa Cruz"

With Lynn Dumenil, Through Women’s Eyes: An American History with Documents (Beford/St. Martin's Publishers 1/2005) 

with Richard Candida Smith, coeditors, Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Feminist as Intellectual, New York University Press, 2007

“Margaret Fuller in Italy,” WOMEN’S WRITING, vol. 10, 2003 With Cott, Lerner, Sklar and Hewitt, “The Future of Women’s History: Considering the State of U.S. Women’s History,” JOURNAL OF WOMEN’S HISTORY, vol. 15, 2003

“Woman Suffrage: The View from the Pacific,” in PACIFIC HISTORIC REVIEW, Nov. 2000 From Woman Suffrage, Women's Rights (New York University Press 1998), "The Last Suffragist," an intellectual autobiography 

"Free Love" Article on H-Women, 2001



Harriet Stanton Blatch and the Winning of Woman Suffrage, Yale University Press, 1997

Woman Suffrage and Women's Rights: Essays, New York University Press, 1997

Feminism and Suffrage: The Emergence of an Independent Women's Movement in America 1848-1869 (Cornell U.P., 1978)

Editor, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony: Correspondence, Writings, Speeches (Northeastern, 1992)  With Kennedy, Korsmeyer, Kelly and Robinson, Feminist Scholarship: Kindling in the Groves of Academe (University of Illinois, 1985) 

"Working Women, Class Relations and Suffrage Militance: Harriot Stanton Blatch and the New York Woman Suffrage Movement, 1894-1910, Journal of American History, June, 1987

Editor, with Vicki Ruiz, Unequal Sisters: A Multicultural Reader in Women's History, (Routledge, 1994, Second edition)

Other Activities:

Glenda Sluga January 2015 Workshop on Internationalism 

Transnational Feminism Conference

Transnational Feminism: A Range of Disciplinary Perspectives

DuBois on Talk of the Nation

DuBois on NPR's "Fresh Air": Harriet Stanton Blatch

Huntington Exhibit: Votes For Women

"Three Decades Of Women's History: An Overview With A Touch Of Programmatic Prouncement"

Lecture on 5th Anglo.fem Conference 

Interview for Korean Service Voice of America



History of U.S. women with a focus on political history. History of the woman suffrage movement in the United States, and of the history of American feminism. History of international feminism. Transnational history of U.S., 29th century

Graduate Students

Sue Englander, Martin Luther King Papers (ret.)
Daniel Hurewitz, Associate Professor, Hunter College
Lisa Materson, Associate Professor, UC Davis
Rebecca Mead, Associate Professor, Northern Michigan University
Michelle Moravec, Director Women's Center, William Paterson University
Alison Sneider, Independent scholar, formerly Associate Professor, Rice University
Rumi Yasutake, Professor, Konan University, Kobe
G. Mehara Gerardo, Associate Professor, Youngstown State University
Carol Cini, Associate Professor, De Anza Community College