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Ivan Berend discusses new book

An Economic History of 19th Century Europe: Diversity and Industrialization

On Wednesday, February 6,  Distinguished Professor introduced his latest publication, An Economic History of 19th Century Europe: Diversity and Industrialization, as part of the quarterly Faculty Book Talk series. His new transnational survey of the continent's economic development highlights the role of regional differences in shaping each country's economic path and outcome. Presenting a clear and cogent explanation of the historical causes of advancement and backwardness, Ivan Berend integrates social, political, institutional and cultural factors as well as engaging in debates about the relative roles of knowledge, the state and institutions. Featuring boxed essays on key personalities including Adam Smith, Friedrich List, Gustave Eiffel and the Krupp family, as well as brief histories of innovations such as the steam engine, vaccinations and the co-operative system, the book helps to explain the theories and macro-economic trends that dominated the century and their impact on the subsequent development of the European economy right up to the present day.

See link below for the podcast of Professor Berend’s comments, including Professor Robert Brenner’s response: http://www.international.ucla.edu/euro/podcasts/article.asp?parentid=130048.