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Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1967

Phone: (661)242-0432
Fax: 310-206-9630
E-mail: jamesl@frazmtn.com

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P.O. Box GG
Frazier Park, CA 93222

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Latin American History

Research Interests

Latin American History: Colonial social and cultural history; Ethnohistory; Research in Nahuatl Sources

Selected Publications

Spanish Peru, 1532-1560, University of Wisconsin Press (1968). Second Edition, 1994.

The Men of Cajamarca: A Social and Biographical Study of the First Conquerors of Peru, University of Texas Press (1972).

James Lockhart and Stuart B. Schwartz, Early Latin America: A History of Colonial Spanish America and Brazil, Cambridge U.P. (1983).

Nahuas and Spaniards, Stanford U.P. and UCLA Latin American Center (1991).

The Nahuas After the Conquest, Stanford U.P. (1992).

James Lockhart, ed., We People Here: Nahuatl Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico, University of California Press (1993).

Lisa Sousa, Stafford Poole, C.M., and James Lockhart, eds. and trans., The Story of Guadalupe: Luis Laso de la Vega's Huei tlamahuicoltica of 1649, Stanford U.P. and UCLA Latin American Center for Publications (1998).

Of Things of the Indies: Essays Old and New in Latin American History, Stanford U.P. (1999).

Nahuatl as Written: Lessons in Older Written Nahuatl, with Copious Examples and Texts, Stanford U.P. and UCLA Latin America Center Publications (2001).

James Lockhart, Susan Schroeder, and Doris Namala, eds. and trans., Annals of His Time, by don Domingo de San Antón Muñón Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin. Stanford U. P. (2006).

James Lockhart, Lisa Sousa, and Stephanie Wood, eds., Methods and Sources for the Study of Postconquest Mesoamerican Ethnohistory, University of Oregon Wired Humanities Project, http://whp.uoregon.edu/Lockhart/index.html (2007/2008).

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