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Distinguished Emeritus Professor of History

Office: 6265 Bunche Hall
Phone: 310-825-4601
Fax: 310-206-9630
E-mail: geary@ucla.edu

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School of Historical Studies
Institute for Advanced Study
Einstein Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540
Email: geary@ias.edu

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Research Interests

Medieval culture and society, 500-1200

Selected Publications


Books and monographs

Furta Sacra: Thefts of Relics in the Central Middle Ages Princeton, Princeton

University Press, 1978. Revised edition 1991. French translation Le Vol des Reliques. Aubier, 1993. Italian translation Coltura e Pensiero 2000.

Aristocracy in Provence: The Rhone Basin at the Dawn of the Carolingian Age.

University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia; Anton Hiersemann Verlag, Stuttgart, 1985.

Before France and Germany: The Creation and Transformation of the MerovingianWorld, Oxford University Press, New York, 1988. French translation, Le monde Mérovingien Flammarion, 1989. German Translation, Die Merowinger, C. H. Beck, 1996 Korean Translation Vistabooks, 1999.

Civilization in the West, with Mark Kishlansky and Patricia O'Brien. New York,

HarperCollins, 1990. Sixth revised edition 2005.

The Unfinished Legacy: A Brief History of Western Civilization, with Mark

Kishlansky and Patricia O'Brien. New York, HarperCollins, 1992.

Societies and Cultures in World History, with Mark Kishlansky, Patricia O'Brien,

and Bin Wong. New York, HarperCollins, 1994.

Living with the Dead in the Middle Ages, Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 1994.

Japanese translation Hakusuisha Publishing Co., Ltd, 1999. Published electronically by ACLS History E-Book Project, 2002.

Phantoms of Remembrance: Memory and Oblivion at the end of the first Millennium,

Princeton University Press, 1994. French translation Aubier 1996. German translation in press with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Medieval Germany in America. German Historical Institute Annual Lecture 1995 (German Historical Institute, 1996).

The Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins of Europe. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2002. German Translation: Europäische Völker im frühen Mittelalter. Zur Legende vom Werden der Nationen. Frankfurt: Fischer, 2002. French Translation, 2004; Korean 2004, Portuguese 2005, Slovenian, 2006. Romanian and Croatian 2007.

Women at the Beginning: Origin Myths from the Amazons to the Virgin Mary. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006).

Historians as Public Intellectuals. Southampton: University of Southampton, Centre for Antiquity and the Middle Ages, 2007 (The Reuter Lecture 2006).

Editions, Translations

Céline: Remembering Louisiana 1850‑1871, University of Georgia Press, Athens, 1988.

French Translation, Ma Louisiane au temps de la Guerre de Sécession, Perrin, Paris, 1990.

Readings in Medieval History, Broadview Press, 1989. Second revised edition 1997.

Translation of Heinrich Fichtenau, Lebensordnungen des 10. Jahrhunderts: Studien

über denkart und Existenz im einstigen Karolingerreich (Stuttgart: 1984). Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1991.

Medieval Concepts of the Past: Ritual, Memory, Historiography, edited with Gerd Althoff and Johannes Fried, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2002.

Franks, Northmen, and Slavs: Identities and State Formation in Early Medieval Europe, ed. with Ildar H. Garipzanov, and Przemyslaw Urbanczyk, (Turnhout: Brepols, 2008.

Refereed Publications

(* indicates that a revised version was repinted in Living with the Dead)

*"Saint Helen of Athyra and the Cathedral of Troyes in the Thirteenth Century,"

Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 7 (1977) pp. 149‑168.

"Songs of Roland in Twelfth Century Germany," Zeitschrift für Deutsches Altertum

und Deutsche Literatur, 105 (1976), pp. 112‑115.

"Un fragment recemment découvert du Chronicon Moissiacense," Bibliothèque de

l'Ecole des chartes, 136 (1978), pp. 69‑73.

"Der Clm 3851 und Ellwangen im zehnten Jahrhundert," Deutsches Archiv, 33 (1977)

pp. 167‑170.

*"The Ninth Century Relic Trade‑‑A Response to Popular Piety?" Religion and the

People, ed. J. Obelkevich (Chapel Hill: 1979), pp. 8‑19.

*"La coercition des saints dans la pratique religieuse médiévale," in La Culture

populaire au moyen âge ed. Pierre Boglioni (Montreal:1979) pp. 146‑161.

*"L'humiliation des saints," Annales, E.S.C. 34 (1979), pp. 27‑42.

*"Zur Problelematik der Interpretation archäologischer Quellen für die Geistes‑ und

Religionsgeschichte," Archaeologia Austriaca, 64 (1980), pp 111‑118.

"Past Reckoning, The Medieval Origins of Nursing," The Nursing System: Issues,

Ethics and Politics, G. Donnelly et. al. (New York:1980), pp. 186‑192.

"Kievian Rus' and Medieval Myopia‑‑A Western Medievalist's Perspective," Russian

History/Histoire russe 5 (1978), pp.195‑196.

"Humiliation of Saints," in Saints and their Cults: Studies in Religious Sociology,

Folklore and History, ed. Stephen Wilson (Cambridge: 1983) pp. 123‑140

"Ethnic Identity as a Situational Construct in the Early Middle Ages,"

Mitteilungen der anthropologischen Gesellschaft in Wien vol. 113 (1983) pp. 15‑26. Reprinted in Folk Life in the Middle Ages, ed. Edward Peters, Medieval Perspectives 3 (1988) [1991], 1-17.

*"The Saint and the Shrine: The Pilgrim's goal in the Middle

Ages," Wallfahrt kennt keine Grenzen ed. Lenz Kriss‑Rettenbeck and Gerda Möhler (Munich: 1984), 265‑274.

"Liturgical Perspective in La Queste del Saint Graal," Historical Reflections/Reflexions historiques 12 (1985), 205‑217.

*"Sacred Commodities: The Circulation of Medieval Relics," in Commodities and

Culture ed. Arjun Appadurai (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press: 1986) 169‑191.

*"Vivre en conflit dans une France sans état: Typologie des mécanismes de règlement

des conflits (1050‑1200),"Annales, E.S.C. (1985) 1107‑1133.

*"Germanic Tradition and Royal Ideology in the Ninth Century: The Visio Karoli

Magni," Frühmittelalterliche Studien, 21 (1987), 274‑294.

*"Echanges et relations entre les vivants et les morts dans la société du Haute

Moyen Age," Droit et Cultures, 12 (1986), 3‑17.

*"I Magi e Milano," Il Millennio Ambrosiano: La città del vescovo dai carolingi al

Barbarossa, ed. Carlo Bertelli, Milan: Edizioni Electa Spa, 1988, 274‑287.

"The Renunciation of Renunciation in Monastic Life," in Austin B. Creel and Vasudha

R. Narayanan, eds. Monasticism in the Christian and Hindu Traditions: A Comparative Study (Edwin Mellen, 1990.) 191-200.

"Mémoire monastique et obli onomastique en Provence," Histoire et société: Mélanges

offerts à Georges Duby III Le moine, le clerc et le prince (Aix-en-Provence, 1993), 61-65.

"Moral Obligations and Peer Pressure: Conflict Resolution in the Medieval

Aristocracy," Georges Duby: L'écriture de l'Histoire, ed. Guy Lobrichon and Claudie Amado, Brussels: 1996, 217-222.

"Insular Religion?" Journal of British Studies, 32 (1993), 71-75.

"Literacy and Violence in Twelfth-Century Bavaria: the so-called "Murder Letter"

of Count Siboto IV," with John B. Freed, Viator 25 (1994),115-129.

*"Saints, Scholars, and Society: The Elusive Goal," in Saints: Studies in Hagiography, edited by Sandro Sticca.Binghamton, N.Y. : Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies,1996, pp. 226‑257.

"Entre gestion et Gesta: Aux origines des cartulaires," in Cartulaires: Actes de

la table ronde, Ecole nationale des chartes, ed.Olivier Guyotjeannin, Laurent Morelle and Michel Parisse. Paris, 1993, 13-26.

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"Die Bedeutung von Religion und Bekehrung im frühen Mittelalter," in Dieter Geuenich ed. Die Franken und die Alemannen bis zur "Schlacht bei Zülpich (496/97) Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1998, 438‑450.

La memoria degli archivi et la distruzione del passato alla fine del primo millennio d.C.," in Storiografia: Rivista anuale di storia 2 (1998) Massimo Mastrogregori, ed. Il potere die ricordi: Studi sulla tradizione come problema di storia (Rome, 1992):163‑192. (Italian translation of portions of Phantoms of Remembrance).

“Geschichte als Errinerung?" in Evelyn Schulz und Wolfgang Sonne eds..Kontinuität und Wandel.Geschichtsbilder in verschiedenen Fächern und Kulturen. Zuerich: vdf.Verlag an der ETH Zuerich, 1999. 115‑140.

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Umgang mit Urkunden in frühen Mittelalter/Dealing with charters in the early middle ages,“ in Peter Erhard and Lorenz Hollenstein, eds. Mensch und Schrift im frühen Mittelalter Stiftsarchiv St. Gallen, 2006, 11-24.

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mediävistischer Disziplinen, edited. Frank Rexroth, Historische Zeitschrift

Beiheft 2007.

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Co-author with Gene Rosow, six one-hour television programs for R & B Pictures (Santa Monica) and Raphael Films, (Paris, France) Chevalier:

El Cid: Soldier of Fortune

William of Aquitaine and Ulrich von Lichtenstein: In the Service of the Ladies

Richard the Lionheart: the King who would be Knight

William Marshal: The Perfect Knight

Bertrand du Guesclin and the Black Prince: Mercenaries in the Hundred Years


Federigo de Montefeltro: The Last Knight

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