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Daniella G. Perry

Doctoral Candidate
C.Phil, UCLA History
MA, UCLA History
BS, UCLA Physiological Science

Office: 5279
Fax: 310-206-7833
E-mail: dgperry@ucla.edu


History of Science, Medicine and Technology in the 20th Century; heredity, clinical genetics & race/urban history

Research Interests

The argument that violent visual media is responsible for crime and violence has persisted since the 1940s, attracting repeated federal investigations in the United States. However, few historical studies have considered the psychological research that informs public debate. For my dissertation, The Role of Scientific Research in Media Violence Investigations, 1954-2012, I investigate how violent media shape scientific research on human aggression and the concomitant role violent media research plays in investigative hearings on the incidence of social violence. My preliminary findings suggest that contemporary debate about whether media violence causes real-world violence stems in part from how scientific research has been communicated since the 1960s. The questions addressed in my dissertation are: 1) What role has media violence research played in legislative debate, and 2) how do legislative hearings affect the development of media violence research? I use a constructionist approach that media violence is characterized as a problem by social and scientific discourse; this approach makes no claims about the objective reality of the problem. A historical reading of this as a scientific controversy acknowledges experts as primary actors in the dispute that have a role in public understanding of the problem. Identifying the difficulties in building a consensus from conflicting claims between experts is critical in addressing the political claims made by legislators. Evidence is derived from scientific studies, newspapers, newsletters, interviews, and archival records.

Grants and Awards

Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, 2007-2012
Graduate Summer Research Mentorship, 2008, 2009
Ahmanson Graduate Student Research Grant in the History of Medicine, 2008
Center for Primary Research and Training Fellowship, 2010-2011
Teaching Fellowship, 2010-2013
Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2013-2014


Soraya de Chadarevian, Sharon Traweek, Jan Reiff, Eddo Stern

Conference Presentations

2009 International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology; Title: "Understanding Clinical Care out of Laboratory Research: Arthur Robinson?s calling to bring genetics into medicine"
UCLA Special Collections CFPRT Presentation, September 2011
?Murray Jarvik (1923-2008), UCLA Psychiatry Professor and Nicotine Addiction Specialist?
UCLA Special Collections CFPRT Presentation, April 2012
?Roderic Gorney, UCLA Psychologist and Television Effects Experimenter?
Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association, March 2013
"Television and the Survival of the Human Race: Roderic Gorney's Mass Media Experiment, 1974-1975"
Society for the History of Technology, October 2013
?Expert Testimonial Discourse in Early Video Game CD-ROM Technology?
History of Science Society, November 2013
?Violence Discourse and Early Video Game CD-ROM Technology?

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