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Antonio M. Zaldivar

M.A. Medieval History, Western Michigan University, 2005; B.A. History and Political Science, Florida State University, 2002

Fax: 310-206-7833



Research Interests

I am primarily interested in the medieval Crown of Aragon and the western Mediterranean. My Dissertation, titled ?Language and Power in the Medieval Crown of Aragon: The Rise of Vernacular Writing and Codeswitching Strategies in the Thirteenth-Century Royal Chancery,? systematically analyzes what drove the thirteenth-century kings of the Crown of Aragon to begin writing in their realms? spoken vernaculars (Catalan and Aragonese), what these motivations reveal about contemporary mentalities and language ideologies, and how codeswitching (shifting from Latin to the romance and back) figured into the crown?s overall governing practices

My minor fields include: early medieval history; medieval Catalan literature; the early-modern Mediterranean; and colonial Latin American history.


?A Tribute to Sir John H. Elliot?s Contributions to the Historical Craft,? Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 38:1 (2014), 207-10.

?Patricians? Embrace of the Dominican Convent of St. Catherine in Thirteenth-Century Barcelona,? Medieval Encounters 18 (2012), 174-206.

Translation of an article By Jorge Ortuño Molina titled "Local Elites and Royal Power in Late-Medieval Castile: The Example of the Marquesado of Villena," Viator 39 no. 1 (2008).

Grants and Awards

Dissertation Fellowship. Graduate Division, UCLA (2012-13, 2013-14)
The George T. and Margaret W. Romani Fellowship. Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA (2011-2012).
Fulbright IIE Fellowship (2009-2010)
Eugene V. Cota Robles Fellowship (2006-2011)
Robert Russell Graduate Writing Award (2004)
Thurgood Marshall Fellowship (2002-2004)
Phi Beta Kappa (2001)


Teofilo F. Ruiz (chair)
Patrick Geary
Kevin Terraciano
John Dagenais

Conference Presentations

?El desafío en lengua vernácula: la alternancia de códigos en la cancillería aragonesa durante el siglo XIII? 45th Annual Meeting of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. Modena, Italy. June 2014.

?Codeswitching as an Instrument of Power in the Thirteenth-Century Crown of Aragon.? American Medieval Academy Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, CA. April 2014.

?A Tribute to Sir John H Elliot?s Contributions to the Historical Craft.? Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies Annual Meeting. Albuquerque, NM. April 2013.

?Transmitting Urgency in the Vernacular: An Example of Strategic Codeswitching in the Crown of Aragon?s Thirteenth-Century Royal Chancery.? Ahmanson Conference, ?Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean.? Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA. Los Angeles, CA. February 2013.

?Early Defiance Letters in Catalan.? Teófilo F. Ruiz?s Western Mediterranean Graduate Seminar. UCLA. Los Angeles, CA. June 2011.

?The Rise of Vernacular Writing in the Crown of Aragon?s Royal Chancery, 1248-1276.? Spanish History Symposium. UCSD. La Jolla, CA. February 2011.

?La diglosia como instrumento de poder en la Cancillería Real de la Corona de Aragón bajo medieval.? Sessió de seminari d?història. Departament d?Història Moderna. Universitat de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain. March 2010.

?Barcelonans? Patronage of Dominicans and Franciscans in the Thirteenth Century: The Testamentary Evidence.? 44th International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo, MI. May 2009.

?Diglossia as an Instrument of Diplomacy in the Royal Chancery of the Late-Medieval Crown of Aragon: The Majorcan Examples.? American Historical Association Annual Meeting. New York, NY. January 2009.

?Religious Piety or Social Distinction? Patricians? Patronage of the Dominican Convent of Santa Catalina in Thirteenth-Century Barcelona.? Annual Mediterranean Studies Association Conference. Evora, Portugal. May 2007.

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