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Graduate Students Association

Welcome to the UCLA History Graduate Students Association

Three words summarize our platform for the 2013-2014 academic year: community, advocacy, and mentorship. We seek to strengthen the bonds between UCLA’s History graduate students across fields and areas of academic emphasis by initiating programs and activities that build upon the strong community established by our HGSA predecessors. We also seek to enhance HGSA’s function as an advocate for graduate students. As the representative of all UCLA’s History graduate students, HGSA plays an important role in shaping the future of the department. Our advocacy efforts will be focused on ensuring that graduate students have a voice in decisions that affect the short- and long-term future of the History Department. Finally, we seek to establish mentorship programs that connect students at all stages of the degree process. This will help facilitate new students’ transition into graduate school, maintain connections between graduate students in the advanced stages of their dissertation, improve graduate student retention rates, and, ultimately, help build the kind of supportive community we seek to foster through HGSA.

Goal: To strengthen ties between UCLA History graduate students across fields and areas of scholarly interest.

– HGSA has improved wireless connection speed in all the TA offices in Bunche Hall.
Events – Under the guidance of HGSA’s officers, the Social Action Committee has planned and executed various HGSA events for the year. On top of three mid-quarter BBQs, the Social Action Committee has organized various social gatherings to foster communication across fields of research.  HGSA's Social Action Committee also successfully organized group outings to UCLA sports events.

Goal: To increase HGSA’s activity as a graduate student advocate, both within the History department and across the broader University community.

Graduate Student Advocacy -
An HGSA officer has attended all History Department Faculty and Planning meetings to ensure that faculty takes into consideration our voices as graduate students.
Teaching Assistantships - HGSA has been involved on all levels of ensuring that any changes made to TA schedules include the input of graduate TAs.

Goal: To create bonds between the department’s more advanced graduate students and newer students that will serve as a supportive mentorship community to help new students through the first two years of graduate school.

Mentorship Program -
HGSA, under the guidance of the Mentorship committee, has developed a program that connects first-year graduate students with students who have been in the program two or more years in order to: 1) ease the transition into the program and into life at UCLA; 2) help new students manage expectations and create time management skills; and 3) make new students feel welcome to the UCLA History graduate student community.

Contact information: hgsa@history.ucla.edu

HGSA Officers: 2012-2013

Co-Presidents: Eric Saulnier
Vice President: Sarah Pripas Kapit and John Leisure
Treasurer: Grace Ballor

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