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Cross-Field Groups

Alongside our existing 12 sub-fields, the History Department supports a number of areas of emphasis that draw faculty and students from multiple fields to consider important themes. They offer courses, sponsor outside speakers, and convene Department-based workshops and seminars.

Current History Department emphasize are:

  • Atlantic History:  The primary goal of this group is to generate innovative scholarship on the relations linking Africa, Europe and the Americas in the development of Western capitalism and modernity. Relevant themes include the expansion of markets during the slave trade; the production of literary texts and forms of historical memory; the politics of religious dissent and conversion; the growth of colonial science and cartography; Native American ethnogenesis; the rise of abolitionist and Pan-African ideologies; and the dynamics of race, gender and creolization throughout the Atlantic world. Affiliated faculty include: Andrew Apter, Robin Derby, Carla Pestana, Robin Kelley, Brenda Stevenson, Scot Brown, Debbie Silverman, Bill Summerhill, Kevin Terraciano, Mary Terrall, Craig Yirush. Contact person: Robin Derby (derby@history.ucla.edu)

  • The History of Women, Men and Sexuality:  This group brings together faculty from the U.S., Asia, Africa and Latin American fields who have a common interest in gendered difference in the past. Ranging in focus from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, affiliated faculty will offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. The HWMS sponsors a year-long series of programs and courses. Please visit our website for details. Affiliated faculty include: Robin Derby, Andrea Goldman, Robin Kelly, Vinay Lal, Ghislaine Lydon, Katherine Marino, Valerie Matsumoto, Muriel McClendon, Fernando Pérez Montesinos, Kate Norberg, and Brenda Stevenson. Contact person: Kate Norberg (knorberg@ucla.edu).