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Year Name Dissertation Title
2019 OSEI-OPARE, Nana “The Red Star State: State-Capitalism, Socialism, and Black Internationalism in Ghana, 1957-1966.”
2018 ANDERSON, Samuel Dejohn "Domesticating The Medersa: Franco-Muslim Education And Colonial Rule In Northwest Africa, 1850-1960"
2014 BARDEEN, Regan Buck "Utilitarian Pleasures: The Production of Literature and the Development of a Reading Public in Southwestern Nigeria, 1880-1980"
2014 GLEASON, Tiffany "Coastal Islam: Religion and Identity among Minority Muslims in the French Colonial City of Porto-Novo, 1889-1939"
2014 OYUGI, Willis Mathews Okech Wildlife Conservation in Kenyas Maasailand, 1850s-2000: Contested Histories of an African People and their Landscape
2013 WEISE, Constanze "Governance and Ritual Sovereignty at the NigerBenue Confluence: A Political and Cultural History of Nigerias Igala, Northern Yoruba and Nupoid-Speaking Peoples to 1900 CE"
2011 ASSEFA, Shiferaw Alemu "The Omotic Agricultural System: A Linguistic Approach"
2011 GULEMA,Shimelis Bonsa "Urbanizing a Nation: Addis Abba and the Shaping of the Modern Ethiopian State, 1941-1975"
2009 BETTS, Melissa "Namibias No Mans Land: Race, Space and Identity in the History of Windhoek Coloureds under South African Rule, 1915-1990"
2009 CARTER, Tracey "The Role of Griots in Gambian Political History"
2008 WELDEMICHAEL, Awet The Eritrean & East Timorese Liberation Movements: Towards a Comparative Study of Their Grand Strategies
2007 LEE, Anthony The Establishment of the Bahai Faith in West Africa: The First Decade, 1952-1962
2007 MUSIL, Emily "La Marianne Noire: How Race & Gender in the Twentieth Century Atlantic World Reshaped the Debate about Human Rights."
2006 HOPPER, Matthew "The African Presence in Arabia: the Economic and Cultural Legacy of the African Diaspora in Eastern Arabia and the Gulf, 1840-1940"
2006 VIEIRA-MARTINEZ, Carolyn "Building Kimbundu: Language and Community Reconsidered in Western Central Africa ca. 1500-1750"
2003 BALL, Jeremy "The Colossal Lie: The Sociedade Agrcola do Cassequel and Portuguese Labor Policy in Angola, 1899-1975"
2003 EL SHEIKH, Mahmoud "State, Cloves, and Planters: A Reappraisal of British Colonialism in Zanzibar, 1890-1934"
2003 MALLOY, Patrick " Rule by Sindano: A Cultural History of Medicine in Colonial Tanganyika, 1895-1961"
2003 PFOUTS, Anita "Economy and Society in Northern Namibia 500 BC to 1800 CE: A Linguistic Approach"
2003 SHANKAR, Shobana "Children of the Mission in Kano Emirate: Conflicts of Conversion in Colonial Northern Nigeria, c.1899-1953"
2002 FOURSHEY, Catherine Cymone "Precolonial History of Southwestern Tanzania: a linguistic approach"
2002 FRATES, L. Lloys "Aesthetics of Power, Power of Aesthetics: Race and Gender in Colonial Loureno Marques, 1932-1974"
2002 GONZALES, Rhonda "Continuity and change : thought, belief, and practice in the history of the Ruvu peoples of central east Tanzania, c. 200 B.B. to A.D. 1800"
2002 SADLER, Katharine "Trouble Was Brewing: South African Women, Gender Identity, and Beer Hall Protests, 1929 and 1959"
2002 TEBOH, Brigitte Angum "Women and Change in the Cameroon Grassfields: A Social and Economic History of Moghamoland c. 1889-1960"
2001 DILLARD, Mary "Testing Freedom: A History of the West African Examinations Council, 1952-1979"
2001 FLINT, Karen "Negotiating a Hybrid Medical Culture: African Healers in Southeastern Africa from the 1820s to the 1940s"
2001 MITCHELL, Laura "Contested terrains : property and labor on the Cedarberg Frontier South Africa, 1725-c.1830"
2000 ACHEBE, Nwando "Farmers, Traders, Warriors and Kings: Female Power and Authority in Northern Igboland 1900-1960"
2000 COLE, Gibril "Embracing Islam and African traditions in a British colony : the Muslim Krio of Sierra Leone, 1787-1910"
2000 DESCH-OBI, Thomas J. "Engolo: Combat Traditions in African and African Diaspora History"
2000 TAYLOR, Eric R. "If We Must Die: A History of Shipboard Insurrections during the Slave Trade"
1999 LAUMANN, Dennis "Remembering and Forgetting the German Occupation of the Central Volta Region of Ghana"
1999 RICHARDSON, Marjorie L. "From German Kamerun to British Cameroons, 1884-1961, With Special Reference to the Plantations""
1999 THOMPSON, Brian "Divided destinies : economic and social change in the partitioned communities of colonial Ghana and Cte dIvoire, 1889-1939"
1998 MAHONEY, Michael "Between the Zulu King and the Great White Chief: Political Culture in a Natal Chiefdom, 1879-1906"
1998 RADCLIFFE, Kendahl "The Tuskegee-Togo Cotton Scheme, 1900-1909"
1997 ADEDZE, Agbenyega "Collector, Collections, and Exhibitions: The History of Museums in Francophone West Africa"
1997 KLIEMAN, Kairn "Hunters and Farmers of the Western Equatorial Rainforest: Economy and Society, 3000 BC to AD 1880"
1996 CURTO, Jose "Alcohol and Slaves: The Luso-Brazilian Alcohol Commerce at Mpinda, Luanda, and Benguela During the Atlantic Slave Trade, c.1480-1830, and its Impact on the Societies of West Central Africa"
1996 EDGINGTON, Steven 'Economic and Social Dimensions of Mission Farms on the Mashonaland High Veld, 1890-1930s"
1996 MEKENYE, Reuben "The African Struggle Against South Africa Periphery Imperialism, 1902-1966: The Case of Lesotho"
1995 AHMED, Christine "Before Eve was Eve: 2200 Years of Gendered History in East-Central Africa"
1995 SHUTT, Allison "'We Are the Best Poor Farmers': Purchase Area Farmers and Economic Differentiation in Southern Rhodesia, c. 1925-1980"
1992 PHILIPS, John "Ribats in the Sokoto Caliphate: Selected Studies, 1804-1903"
1991 MONSON, Jamie "Agricultural Transformation in the Inner Kilombero Valley of Tanzania, 1840-1940"
1991 VOLMAN, Daniel "United States Foreign Policy and the Decolonization of British Central Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi), 1945-1965"
1990 GATLIN, Darryle John "A Socio-economic History of Sao Vicente de Cabo Verde, 1830-1970"
1990 HAAR, Stephen "Long Distance Trade, Political Economy, and National Reunification in the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia, c.1800-1900"
1990 RUBERT, Steven "You Have Taken My Sweat: Agricultural Wage Labor in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1904 to 1945"
1990 SCHOENBRUN, David "Early History in Eastern Africa's Great Lakes Region: Linguistic, Ecological, and Archaeological Approaches, c.500 BC to c.1000 AD"
1988 HARMON, Stephen "The Expansion of Islam among the Bambara under French Rule, 1890-1940"
1988 MCMASTER, Mary "Patterns of Interaction: A Comparative Ethnolinguistic Perspective on the Uele Region of Zaire, c.500 BC to 1900 AD"
1988 SHELDON, Kathleen "Working Women of Beira, Mozambique"
1988 SSALI, Mike "The Development and Role of an African Film Industry in East Africa with special reference to Tanzania, 1922-1984"
1987 LYONS, Maryinez "The Colonial Disease: Sleeping Sickness in the Social History of Northern Zaire, 1903-1930"
1986 FERGUSON, Douglas "Nineteenth Century Hausaland: Being a Description by Imam Imoru of the Land, Economy, and Society of His People"
1986 GARRARD, Timothy* "Brass-casting among the Frafra of Northern Ghana"
1986 GREEN, Allen "A Political Economy of Moshi Town, 1920-1960"
1986 LEMELLE, Sidney "Capital, State, and Labor: A History of the Gold Mining Industry in Colonial Tanganyika, 1890-1942"
1985 ALI, Mohamed Nuuh "History in the Horn of Africa, 1000 BC. - 1500 AD: Aspects of Social and Economic Change Between the Rift Valley and the Indian Ocean"
1985 DISTEFANO, John "The Pre colonial History of the Kalenjin of Kenya: A Methodological Comparison of Linguistic and Oral Traditional Evidence"
1985 OWNBY, Carolyn "Early Nguni History: The Linguistic Evidence and its Correlation with Archaeology and Oral Tradition"
1984 GOUCHER, Candice* "The Iron Industry in Bassar, Togo: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of African Technological History"
1984 HORNE, David "Mode of Production in the Social and Economic History of Kilwa to 1884"
1984 MULIRA, Jesse Gaston "A History of the Mahi Peoples from 1774-1920"
1983 SHAPIRO, Martin "Medicine in the Service of Colonialism: Medical Care in Portuguese Africa, 1885-1974"
1982 LUCHEMBE, Chilufya Chipasha "Finance Capital and Mine Labor: A Comparative Study of Copper miners in Zambia and Peru, 1870-1980"
1982 PIRIO, Gregory "Commerce, Industry, and Empire: The Making of Modern Portuguese Colonialism in Angola and Mozambique, 1890-1914"
1981 HASKETT, Norman "Kete-Krakye and the Middle Volta Basin, 1700-1914: Cockpit of African and European Rivalry"
1981 WAITE, Gloria "The Indigenous Medical System in East-Central African History"
1980 HAWKINS, Joye Bowman "Conflict, Interaction, and Change in Guinea-Bissau: Fulbe Expansion and its Impact, 1850-1900"
1980 HOLLOWAY, Joseph "Liberian Diplomacy in Africa: A Study of Inter-African Relations Between 1957 and 1966"
1980 JOHNSON, Douglas "History and Prophecy among the Nuer of the Southern Sudan"
1980 SAXON, Douglas "The History of the Shari River Basin, c.500 BC - 1000 AD"
1980 TOUNGARA, Jeanne "The Pre colonial Economy of Northwestern Ivory Coast and its Transformation under French Colonialism, 1827-1920"
1980 VOELTZ, Richard "The Origins and Early Years of the South West Africa Company, Ltd: A Study of a British Concession Company in German South West Africa"
1980 WILLIAMS, Joy "The Educated and Professional Elite in the Gold Coast and Sierra Leone, 1885-1914"
1980 WILSON, Louis "The Evolution of Krobo Society: A History from c.1400 to 1892"
1979 KINNER, Joseph "The Study of the Origins, Development, and Role of Radio Broadcasting in Southern Nigeria, 1923-1951"
1979 QUINN, Charlotte "Traditionalism, Islam, and European Expansion: The Gambia, 1850-1890"
1979 THORNTON, John "The Kingdom of Kongo in the Era of the Civil Wars, 1641-1718"
1979 TURNER, Arthur "A Socio-economic History of Kabwe, 1902-1966"
1978 KAMUSIKIRI, James "African Education under the American Methodist Episcopal Church in Rhodesia: Objectives, Strategy, and Impact, 1898-1966"
1978 LLOYD, David "The Pre colonial Economic History of the Avongara-Azande, c.1750-1916"
1978 OKOYE, Felix "The American Image of Africa, Myth and Reality"
1978 PAPSTEIN, Robert "The Upper Zambezi: A History of the Luvale People, 1000-1900"
1978 WILLIAMS-MYERS, Albert "The Nsenga of Central Africa: Political and Economic Aspects of Clan History, 1700 to the late Nineteenth Century"
1977 CHAMBERLIN, Christopher "Competition and Conflict: The Development of the Bulk Export Trade in Central Gabon during the Nineteenth Century"
1977 EDGAR, Robert "The Fifth Seal: Enoch Mgijima, the Israelites, and the Bulhoek Massacre, 1921"
1977 HERSI, Ali Abdirahman "The Arab Factor in Somali History: The Origins and the Development of Arab Enterprise and Cultural Influences in the Somali Peninsula"
1977 MUNTEMBA, Maud Shimwaayi "Rural Underdevelopment in Zambia: Kabwe Rural District, 1850-1970"
1977 UDOH, Claton "Religion and Change among the Annang and Ibibio, 1846-1930"
1976 ALLYN, David "The Sabon Gari System in Northern Nigeria, 1911-1940"
1976 KENNEDY, Phillip "The Fatal Diplomacy: Sir Theophilus Shepstone and the Zulu Kings, 1839-1879"
1976 NICOLAS, Gildas "The Dizzu of Southwest Ethiopia: An Essay in Cultural History based on Religious Interactions"
1976 NORTHRUP, Nancy "Southern Malawi, 1860-1891: A Case Study of Frontier Politics"
1976 OKIHIRO, Gary "Hunters, Herders, Cultivators, and Traders: Interaction and Change in the Kgalagadi, Nineteenth Century"
1976 O'SULLIVAN, John "Developments in the Social Stratification of Northwest Ivory Coast during the 18th and 19th Centuries: From a Malinke Frontier Society to the Liberation of Slaves by the French, 1907"
1976 WARD, Jennifer "The Bambara-French Relationship, 1880-1915"
1975 AIDOO, Agnes "Political Crisis and Social Change in the Asante Kingdom, 1867-1901"
1975 BOADI-SIAW, Samuel "Development of Relations Between Brazil and African States, 1950-1973"
1975 CUMMINGS, Robert "Aspects of Human Porterage with Special Reference to Akamba of Kenya: Towards an Economic History, 1820-1920"
1975 MILLS, George Wallace "The Role of African Clergy in the Reorientation of Xhosa Society to the Plural Society in the Cape Colony, 1850-1915"
1975 RASMUSSEN, R. Kent "Ndebele Wars and Migrations, c.1821-1839"
1975 STROBEL, Margaret "Muslim Women in Mombasa, Kenya, 1890-1973"
1974 BARROWS, Leland "General Faidherbe, the Maurel and Prom Company, and French Expansion in Senegal"
1974 MAEL, Rosalind "The Problem of Political Integration in the Zulu Empire"
1974 MURRAY, Jocelyn "The Kikuyu Female Circumcision Controversy: With special reference to the Church Missionary Society's 'sphere of influence'"
1974 NORTHRUP, David "Trade Without Rulers: Pre colonial Economic Development in the Biafran Hinterland"
1974 RAU, William "Mpezeni's Ngoni of Eastern Zambia, 1870-1920"
1973 BRANTLEY, Cynthia "The Giriama Rising, 1914: Focus for Political Development in the Kenya Hinterland, 1850-1963"
1973 FERREIRA, Roquinaldo Amaral "Transforming Atlantic Slaving: Trade, Warfare and Territorial Control in Angola, 1650-1800"
1973 LIPSHUTZ, Mark "Northeast Sierra Leone after 1884: Responses to the Samorian Invasions and British Colonialism"
1973 SMITH, Cynthia Brantley "The Giriama Rising, 1914: Focus for Political Development in the Kenya Hinterland, 1850-1963"
1972 GESHEKTER, Charles "British Imperialism in the Horn of Africa and the Somali Response, 1884-1899"
1972 JACKSON, Kennell "An Ethnohistorical Study of the Oral Traditions of the Akamba of Kenya"
1972 RALSTON, Richard "A Second Middle Passage: African Student Sojourns in the United States during the Colonial Period and Their Influence upon the Character of African Leadership"
1971 AHANOTU, Austin Metumara "The Economics of Religion: A Study of the Development of the Igbo Spirit of Enterprise, 1800-1955"
1971 CHANAIWA, David "A History of the Nhowe before 1900"
1970 DUNBAR, Roberta "Damagaram (Zinder, Niger), 1812-1906: The History of a Central Sudanic Kingdom"
1970 POUWELS, Randall "Islam and Islamic Leadership in the Coastal Communities of Eastern Africa, 1700 to 1914"
1970 SMITH, Alan "The Struggle for Control of Southern Mozambique, 1720-1835"
1969 LEGASSICK, Martin "The Griqua, the Sotho-Tswana, and the Missionaries, 1780-1840: The Politics of a Frontier Zone"
1969 LYE, William "The Sotho Wars in the Interior of Southern Africa, 1822-1837"
1969 WALLENKAMPF, Arnold "The Herero Rebellion in South West Africa, 1904-1906: A Study in German Colonialism"
1968 WOLF, James "Captain Hore's Mission: The London Missionary Society's Adventure at Lake Tanganyika, 1878-1888"
1967 CASSIDY, Rita "Britain and Basutoland: A Study of Men and Policies from the Gun War to the Anglo-Boer War"
1967 QUINN, Eugene "Changes in Beti Society, 1887-1960"
1959 HOWARD, Warren "The United States Government and the African Slave Trade, 1837-1862"
1957 GAILEY, Harry "The London Missionary Society and the Cape Government, 1799-1828"
1957 GREGORY, Robert "The Doctrine of Native Paramountcy: British Policy in East Africa, 1923-1931"