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  • Andrea S. Goldman: Ph.D, University of California, Berkeley, 2005.
    Cultural and Social History of Early Modern and Modern China; Urban History; Performance; The Politics of Aesthetics; Gender Studies
    310-825-3368; goldman@history.ucla.edu
  • Richard Von Glahn: Ph.D., Yale University, 1983.
    Social, Economic, and Cultural History of China, 10th-18th Centuries; Popular Religion, Urban History, Popular Social Movements; Comparative Economic History; Global Economic Integration, 1000-1800; World History
    310-825-3087; vonglahn@history.ucla.edu
  • R. Bin Wong: Ph.D., Harvard University, 1983.
    Chinese Patterns of Political, Economic and Social Change Since the Eighteenth Century; Political Economy; Asian Studies
    310-267-5462; wong@history.ucla.edu


The faculty (Professors Goldman, von Glahn, and Wong) together cover both pre-modern and modern Chinese history from the Song dynasty (10th-13th centuries) to the twentieth century. In addition, students may specialize in thematic subjects: socio-economic history (von Glahn and Wong); socio-cultural and urban history (Goldman), religious culture and society (von Glahn), political economy (Wong), gender history (Goldman). The faculty favors inter-disciplinary approaches to Chinese history, and all cross dynastic and disciplinary boundaries in their research and teaching. Professors Wong and von Glahn also teach in the History Department’s program in World History and emphasize the importance of studying China from comparative and world-historical perspectives.

The study of Chinese history at UCLA is enhanced by the existence of strong programs in Japanese History, European History, Gender History, Economic History, and World History within the History Department, as well as excellent programs in classical and modern Chinese literature, East Asian Buddhism, and Korean history and culture in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. UCLA also has strong programs in a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines, including faculty specializing in China in Anthropology (Yunxiang Yan and Nancy Levine), Geography (Cindy Fan), Political Science (James Tong), Art History and Archaeology (Hui-shu Lee and Lothar von Falkenhausen), Ethnomusicology (Helen Rees), Theater (Sean Metzger), and Law (Alex Wang).

In addition to Centers for Korean and Japanese Studies, UCLA has also a Center for Chinese Studies which enhances collaboration among scholars of Chinese Studies by sponsoring visiting professors, workshops, conferences, and research projects in all areas of Chinese history, society, and culture. It also provides graduate students with fellowships and research assistantships on a competitive basis.



The Department encourages applications from highly qualified candidates in Chinese history. Successful applicants are expected to have excellent undergraduate training as evidenced by GPA, GRE scores, letters of recommendation and, when appropriate, samples of historical research. In addition, applicants who are non-native speakers of Chinese should have a firm start (at least three and preferably four years) in the Chinese language. 

Program Requirements 

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