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Emeritus Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Jessica Goldberg: Ph.D., Columbia University, 2006
    Medieval History; Jewish History; History of Medieval Trade, Business, and Industry; Definitions of Regions and Regional Identity in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages
    310-267-5942; goldberg@history.ucla.edu
  • Nile Green: Ph.D., London University, 2002
    World History; Muslims in Global History; Early Modern and Modern History of India/Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia
    310-825-9498; green@history.ucla.edu
  • Sarah Abrevaya Stein: Ph.D., History, Stanford University, 1999
    Jewish, Europe, Modern Jewish Intellectual and Cultural History; History of Jewish Historiography
    310-825-4153; sstein@history.ucla.edu
  • Sanjay Subrahmanyam: Ph.D, Delhi School of Economics, 1987
    Medieval and Early Modern South Asian and Indian Ocean History; History of European Expansion; Comparative History of Early Modern Empires; World History
    310-825-3376; subrahma@history.ucla.edu


The Middle Eastern field offers instruction in the history of the region stretching from Anatolia and the Eastern Mediterranean in the west to Iran in the east, from Armenia and the Caucasus in the north to the Arabian peninsula in the south, North Africa, the Ottoman Balkans, and Islamic Iberia, from the period of Late Antiquity (fourth-seventh centuries) to the present day. Permanent faculty consists of Michael Morony (pre-modern Middle East), James L. Gelvin (modern Middle East) and Sebouh Aslanian (Armenian history, World history). More information about faculty can be obtained from their individual History Department websites.


In addition to fulfilling the requirements for admission to the History Department, students should have a background in at least one Middle Eastern language and provide evidence of previous coursework in Middle Eastern history. Students are expected to have an excellent command of spoken and written English.

Program Requirements 

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