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Undergraduate Advisory Board

Welcome to the History Department’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (HUAB) webpage page. As part of our commitment to the intellectual, cross-cultural, and academic growth of our undergraduate students, our goal is to enhance the undergraduate experience through collaboration with administration, faculty, and staff to engender and implement activities and initiatives that have a positive impact on the learning environment, while also increasing the visibility, participation and, inclusion of the undergraduate student body in History.

The Board will strive to bring about diversity in interest, experience and skills of students, and enhance the academic undergraduate experience as a whole by incorporating feedback from current undergraduate students and alumni, while fostering a sense of community within the History Department; through: mentorship, advocacy, events, and initiatives.

Membership and Selection Criteria

Members must:

  • Have at least two quarters left at UCLA.
    • Be a current History Major/Minor
    • Be service driven and;
    • Have passion for History as a discipline and see its inter-connectedness within academia and beyond.


The application cycle for Fall 2019-Spring 2020 is now closed. Applications for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 will be available in Summer 2020.

Current Board Members:

1) Maria Alvarado



María Alvarado is a second-year transfer from Napa, majoring in History and minoring in Spanish. She is part of the Latinx Pre-Law Association on campus and is a barista at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. She is particularly interested in the counternarratives of history, especially those that express racial, social, and economic inequalities. After graduating, she plans to pursue a Juris Doctorate and focus on criminal justice and immigration. She aspires to provide legal aid and representation for the underserved. On her spare time, she runs and paints.


2) Lauren Campbell

My name is Lauren Campbell and I am a second year double majoring in history and psychology. I am a recent member of both Afrikan Education Project (AEP) and the Students Heightening Academic Performance through Education (SHAPE) project of which consist of tutoring, counseling and mentoring students in low income communities in Los Angeles. Having enjoyed my time in these programs so far, I joined HUAB because I was interested in expanding and continuing my efforts towards students and members of the UCLA community. As part of HUAB, I hope to help create a strong and comfortable undergraduate history community. In my free time, I will either be spending time with friends and family or writing. I often write novellas and actually recently published by first book! I also plan to attend law school once I graduate.


3) Madison Elder

Madison Elder is an alumni scholar at UCLA studying history and political science. Upon graduating in the spring of 2021, she plans on attending law school and pursuing a career in constitutional law. Until then, she is focusing on leading Bruins Supporting Veterans at UCLA, a student organization she began in 2018. Madison’s work to support veterans began during high school, when she raised over $1500 for veteran organizations, even presenting donations to Senator Lindsey Graham and actor Gary Sinise on behalf of the groups. When she is not volunteering for veteran nonprofits or carefully planning club events, you can find her researching around campus. At the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Madison analyzes trace elements of obsidian artifacts using a pXRF machine (obsidian sourcing), as well as determines the function of ancient Armenian obsidian tools (lithic typology). She also performs research on the relationship between ancient Egyptian women and the law. Madison wrote this book because she strives to keep challenging herself to continue learning, and is fascinated by the Supreme Court and American judicial system. Her book, Beside the Nine, provides a uniquely personal approach to this subject, reflecting on law clerks and the relationships they form with their justices. Some of Madison’s favorite things are historical biographies, playing basketball, hiking trails, paddle boarding at the beach, and visiting national parks.  


4) Emily Luong

My name is Emily Luong, and I'm a third-year student Communication major with minors in History and Labor and Workplace Studies. This will be my second year on the History Undergraduate Advisory Board! At UCLA, I'm involved in the USAC Office of the Internal Vice President, the Undergraduate Communication Association, the Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention project, and the Vietnamese Student Union. I'm particularly interested in connecting my interest in history with my desire to enact social change, and plan to pursue graduate school to that effect. 


5) Delanie Moreland

Hello! My name is Delanie and I am a senior double-majoring in History and Psychology. I am excited to begin my second year as a member of the History Undergraduate Advisory Board! In addition to serving in HUAB, I have been the peer counselor for the History department since my sophomore year. During my final year as both a member of HUAB and as the peer counselor, I hope to continue to make the History Department become a second home for as many undergraduates as possible and teach them how to best use their resources. If I am not in the History department, you can usually find me volunteering with the People-Animal Connection (PAC) at Ronald Reagan Hospital or performing some statistical analyses for the educational psychology lab I work in. Beyond all of this, I am an Orange County native, animal lover, and 1960s/1970s music enthusiast. When I'm not anxiously studying or writing a paper, you'll probably find me shopping for things I don't need, hanging out with friends, or attempting to pet dogs around campus.


6) Thianne Le

My name is Thianne Le and I am a fourth year History major with a minor in Global Studies. I am currently working on an honors thesis exploring the role of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in exacerbating tensions between the ethnic Vietnamese and Khmers during the Cambodian genocide. As a transfer student, I am grateful to be a part of the History Undergraduate Advisory Board and hope I can play a role in creating the strongest possible department for transfers, first-years, and non-traditional students. After graduating this year, I hope to continue my studies and attain a PhD specializing in Southeast Asian history.


7) Lawrence Myung

My name is Lawrence Myung. I am a third-year history major originally from Riverside, California. My primary research interest is in systemic racist institutions in the postcolonial world. After graduating from UCLA, I plan on pursuing a career in law. Currently, I am working on an undergraduate seminar through USIE on "the History of Romance Novels." I am extremely excited to be a part of the History Undergraduate Board for the 2019-2020 school year.


8) Rebecca Neugent

Hello! My name is Rebecca Neugent and I will be an undergraduate student entering my senior year during the 2019-2020 school year, pursuing a double major in History and Japanese. With my home town of Torrance, California, my exposure to a large Japanese-American community and my experience growing up surrounded by Japanese culture has solidified my decision to pursue Japanese language study in order to deeply engage with Japanese history. My research interests include the emergence of modern Japan in a global world and Japan-United States relations. After graduation, I plan on taking a gap year as a Japanese to English translator, and I hope to return to school to pursue graduate studies in modern Japanese history. I love history, so I am looking forward to contributing to the History Undergraduate Advisory Board this year!


9) Michael Rosenkrantz

Michael Rosenkrantz is a transfer student entering his final year at UCLA. As a double major in English and History, he has been a Peer Learning Facilitator, a Campus Tour Guide, and is both a TAP and URSP scholar. As he works toward graduation, he is presently writing his Honors Thesis--a treatise on the changing role of citizenship in the wake of prolonged conflicts overseas--and hopes to serve his country in some respect before pursuing a career in writing. This year on the History Undergraduate Board, he hopes to accomplish increased awareness for the History Department, its societies, and potential career paths for graduating seniors. 


10) Cristian Walk

Cristian Walk, who attended Santa Barabara City College before coming to UCLA, is a second-year transfer student from Ventura, CA. He is double majoring in History and the Study of Religion. His main historical interests fall within U.S. history including religious, labor, and legal history, and he is currently working on a History Honors Thesis concerning social networks within, and conflicts between, labor unions and business associations in Calfornia during the Great Depression. He is hoping to pursue a graduate degree in history and one day teach the subject he loves to community college students.