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2007-2008 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Barnett, Teresa United States The Nineteenth-Century Relic: A Prehistory of the Historical Artifact Joan Waugh
Barnhart, Megan United States To Secure the Benefits of Science to the General Welfare: Scientists' Political Activism and the American Public during the Cold War, 1945-1960 Jessica Wang
Barzilai-Lumbroso, Ruth Near East Turkish Men, Ottoman Women: Popular Turkish Historians and the Writing of Ottoman Women's History Nikki Keddie & Gabriel Piterberg
Browne, Errol Tsekani United States Anna Julia Cooper and Black Women’s Intellectual Tradition: Race, Gender and Intellectual Tradition: Nation in the Making of a Modern Race Woman, 1892-1925 Brenda Stevenson
Casteel, Eric Science Entrepot and Backwater: A Cultural History of the Transfer of Medical Knowledge from Leiden to Edinburgh, 1692-1738 Margaret Jacob
Choi, Sung Europe From Colonial Citizen to Postcolonial Repatriate: Decolonization and the Integration of the French from Algeria, 1962 to the Present Perry Anderson
Cini, Carol Frances United States Making Women’s Rights Matter: Diverse Activists, California’s Commission on the Status of Woman, and the Legislative and Social Impact of a Movement, 1962-1976 Ellen DuBois
Cooper Owens, Deirdre United States ’Courageous Negro Servitors’ and Laboring Irish Bodies: An Examination of Antebellum-Era Modern American Gynecology Brenda Stevenson
Dees, Robert Europe Economics and Politics of Peasant Production in South Germany, 1350-1650 David Sabean
Demare, Brian James China Turning Bodies and Turning Minds: Land Reform and Chinese Political Culture, 1946-1952 Philip Huang
Dixon, John United States Cadwallader Colden and the Rise of Public Dissension: Politics, Science, and Print in Pre-Revolutionary New York Ruth Bloch
Eissenstat, Howard Near East The Limits of Imagination: Debating the Nation and Constructing the State in Early Turkish Nationalism James Gelvin
El-Shammaa, Magdy Mounir Near East Shadows of Contemporary Lives: Modernity, Culture, and National Identity in Egyptian Filmmaking James Gelvin
Gibbs, Jenna Marie Europe Performing the Temple of Liberty: Slavery, Rights, and Revolution in Transatlantic Theatricality (1760-1830) Margaret Jacob
Ginoza, Naomi Japan Dissonance to Affinity: An Ideological Analysis of Japanese Cinema in the 1930s Fred Notehelfer
Hawkins, Michael Gary United States Co-Producing the Postcolonial: U.S.-Philippine Cinematic Relations, 1946-1986 Michael Salman
Hui, Alexandra Science Hearing Sound as Music: Psychophysical Studies of Sound Sensation and the Music Culture of German, 1860-1910 Norton Wise
Lee, Anthony Africa The Establishment of the Baha'i Faith ion West Africa: The First Decade, 1952-1962 Edward A. Alpers
Le Normand, Brigitte Europe Raising the Phoenix: the Wax and Waning of Modernist Urban Planning in Belgrade, 1945-1972 Prof. Ivan Berend
Livie, Kyle United States Wide Open Spaces: Rural Communities and the Making of Metropolitan California, 1870-1940 Janice Reiff
Luddington, Peter United States Why the Good War Was Good: Franklin Roosevelt’s New World Order Richard Weiss
Maynard, Kelly Europe The Enemy Within: Hearing Wagner in Early Third Republican France Debora Silverman
Musil, Emily Africa La Marianne Noire: How Gender and Race in the Twentieth Century Atlantic World Reshaped the Debate about Human Rights Edward A. Alpers & Ghislaine Lydon
Paddison, Joshua Allen United States American Heathens: Religion, Race and Reconstruction in California Stephen Aron
Padwa, Howard Europe Narcotics vs. the Nation: The Culture and Politics of Opiate Use in Britain and France, 1821-1931 Peter Baldwin
Ortega, Jose Guadalupe Latin America The Cuban Sugar Complex in the Age of Revolution, 1789, 1844 James Lockhart & Kevin Terraciano
Ray, Michael S. Latin America The Human Capital and the Wealth of Nations: A New Methodology for Evaluating Measurements of Social and Economic Change in Latin American and Other World Regions James Wilkie
Rockwell, Nicholas Ryan Ancient The Boeotian Army: The Convergence of Warfare, Politics, Society, and Culture in the Classical Age of Greece David Phillips
Ryan, Dan Europe The Tsar's Faith: Conversion, Commitment, and Contestation in Livland Province, 1845-1870 Stephen Frank
Ryan, Joseph Latin America "Credit Where Credit is Due: Lending and Borrowing in Rio de Janeiro, 1820-1900 William Summerhill
Schull, Kent Near East Penal Institutions, Nation-state Construction, and Modernity in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1908-1919 James L. Gelvin