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2008-2009 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Betts, Mellissa Africa Namibia’s No Man’s Land: Race, Space and Identity in the History of Windhoek Coloureds Under South African Rule, 1915-1990) Edward A. Alpers
Biswas, Paromita United States Colonial Displacements: Nationalist Longing and Identity Among Early Indian Intellectuals in the United States Michael Salmon
Chasin, Stephanie Europe (Jewish) Citizens of Empire: Jews in the Service of the British Empire, 1906-1940 David Myers
Contreras, Carlos Latin America Bankruptcy to NAFTA: Mexico’s Foreign Policy Opens to the World, 1982-1994 James Wilkie
Dabars, William Europe Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity: Rhetoric and Context in the American Research University David Sabean
Easterly, Michael United States Your Job is Your Credit: Creating a Market for Loans to Salaried Employees in New York City, 1885-1920 Naomi Lamoreaux
Hollis, Corey. Europe The Social Navigations of Sir Robert Dudley 1574-1649 Muriel McClendon
Joy, Natalie United States Hydra’s Head: Fighting Slavery and Indian Removal in Antebellum American Ellen DuBois
Lewis, Mark Europe International Legal Movements Against War Crimes, Terrorism, and Genocide, 1919-1948 Ivan Berend
Li, Fangchun China Class, Power and the Contradictions of Chinese Revolutionary Modernity: Interpreting Land Reform in Northern China 1946-48 Phillip Huang & Kathryn Bernhardt
Maestrejuan, Andrea Europe Inventors, Firms, and the Market for Technology During the Kaiserreich 1877-1914 David Sabean
Murillo, Dana Velasco Latin America Urban Indians in a Silver City, Zacatecas, Mexico 1546-1806 Kevin Terraciano
Polanichka, Dana Medieval Precious Stones, Living Temples: Sacred Space in Carolingian Churches, 751-833 C.E. Patrick Geary
Richardson, K.C. Religion Early Christian Care for the Poor: An Alternative Subsistence Strategy Under Roman Imperial Rule Ron Mellor & Dr. Scott Bartchy
Schreier, Jesse United States Different Shades of Freedom: Indians, African Americans, and Race in the Choctaw Nation, 1800-1907 Stephen Aron
Stansbury, Jeffrey United States Organized Workers and the Making of Los Angeles, 1890-1915) Janice Reiff
Stein, Joshua United States The Right to Violence: Assault Prosecution in New York, 1760-1840 Ruth Bloch
Ward, Walter Ancient From Provincia Arabia to Palaestina Tertia: The Impact of Geography, Economy, and Religion on the Sedentary and Nomadic Communities in the Later Roman Province of the Third Palestine Ron Mellor & Claudia Rapp
Weldemichael , Awet Africa/South East Asia The Eritrean and East Timorese Liberation Movements. Toward a Comparative Study of Movements: Toward a Comparative Study of the Grand Strategies Geoffrey Robinson & Edward A. Alpers
Williams, Jakobi United States Racial Coalition Politics in Chicago: A Case Study of Fred Hampton, the Illinois Black Panther Party and the Origin of the Rainbow Coalition Brenda Stevenson