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2010-2011 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Adams, Brittany Jo United States The Religious Life Of Judith Sargent Murray Ruth Bloch
Ahn, Byungil China Modernization, Revolution, And Midwifery Reforms In Twentieth-Century China Kathryn Bernhardt & Philip Huang
Amerian, Stephanie Marie United States Fashioning A Female Executive: Dorothy Shaver And The Business Of American Style, 1893-1959 Janice Reiff
Anderson, Emily Japan Christianity In The Japanese Empire: Nationalism, Conscience, And Faith In Meiji And Taisho Japan Fred Notehelfer
Chavez, Miguel Marcello United States Las Cuatro Esquinas: The Chicana Chicano Movement In The West Side Of Los Angeles, 1963-1979 Juan Gomez-Quinones
Cox, Amy Ann United States Depending On Arms: A Study Of Gun Ownership, Use, And Culture In Early New England Ruth Bloch
Crow, Matthew Ellsworth United States In The Course Of Human Events: Jefferson, Text, And The Potentialities Of Law Michael Meranze
Desouza, Wendy Noel Near East Scholarly Mysticism And Mystical Scholars: European And Iranian Intellectuals At The Dawn Of Modern Sexuality And Gender Omnia El-Shakry & Gabriel Piterberg
Emrani, Haleh Near East Marriage Customs Of The Religious Communities Of The Late Sasanian Empire: An Indicator Of Cultural Sharing Michael Morony
Favelo, Douglas Vincent Ancient The Lucani Between Greece And Rome: A Literary Analysis Of Their History To The End Of The Social War Ronald Mellor
Garcia, Leon Latin America The Return Of Martin Ocelotl: A Nahua Eschatological Discourse In Early Colonial Mexico Kevin Terraciano
Goldberg, Kevin Douglas Europe German Wine And The Fermentation Of Modern Taste, 1850-1914 David Sabean
Nag, Anindita South Asia Managing Hunger: Famine, Science And The Colonial State In India, 1860-1910 Vinay Lal
Ng, Jennifer Shun-Yee Europe Bedchamber Ritual And The Performance Of Stability In Jacobean England, 1603-1625 Muriel Mcclendon
Pérez, Erika United States Colonial Intimacies: Interethnic Kinship, Sexuality, And Marriage In Southern California, 1769-1885 Stephen Aron
Rezakhani, Khodadad Near East Empires And Microsystems: Late Antique Regional Economy In Central And West Asia, 500-750 Michael Morony
Sasaki, Christen Tsuyuko United States Pacific Confluence: Negotiating The Nation In Nineteenth Century Hawai'I Janice Reiff
Whitten, Sarah Louise Medieval Conflict, Community, And Legal Culture In Lombard Southern Italy, 770-1070 Patrick Geary
Wilson, Karen Sue United States On The Cosmopolitan Frontier: Jews And Social Networks In Nineteenth-Century Los Angeles Stephen Aron & Naomi Lamoreaux
Yoon, David S. Europe The Restored Jewish State And The Revived Roman Empire: The Transmutation Of John Nelson Darby'S Dispensationalism Into Modern Christian Zionism Muriel Mcclendon & Peter Reill