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2011-2012 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Acker, Lauren Beth United States Savannah'S New South: The Politics Of Reform, 1885-1910 Joan Waugh
Assefa, Shiferaw Alemu Africa Omotic Peoples And The Early History Of Agriculture In Southern Ethiopia Edward Alpers & Chris Ehret
Balachandran, Jyoti Gulati South Asia Texts, Tombs And Memory: The Migration, Settlement, And Formation Of A Learned Muslim Community In Fifteenth-Century Gujarat Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Benton, Bradley Thomas Latin America The Lords Of Tetzcoco: Sixteenth-Century Transformation Of Indigenous Leadership In The Aztec Empire'S Second City Kevin Terraciano
Camprubi Bueno, Lino Science Political Engineering: Science, Technology And The Francoist Landscape (1939-1959) M. Norton Wise
Chang, Winifred Kai-Wen China Marshaling Culture: Strategies Of Japanese Mobilization In Colonial Taiwan Richard Von Glahn
De Lee, Benjamin Dale Ancient Letters, Diplomacy, And Religious Polemic In Ninth-Century Byzantium: Nlketas Byzantios And The Problem Of Islam Ronald Mellor & Claudia Rapp
El-Zatmah, Shawki Ebeid Near East Aha Gun!: A Social And Cultural History Of Soccer In Egypt Michael Morony
Everton, Elizabeth Woodson Europe Sisters And Soldiers: The Representation And Participation Of Women In The Antidreyfusard Movement Debora Silverman
Fidler, Bradley Reuben Science Economies Of Everyday Suffering: Some Implications Of Eli Lilly'S Zyprexa Market Strategy In Us Primary Care Joel Braslow & Sharon Traweek
Frank, Linda Christine United States A Family Affair: The Marriage Of Elizabeth Cady And Henry Brewster Stanton And The Development Of Reform Politics Ellen Dubois
Greenberg, Erik Marc United States A Prophet And His People: Israel Zangwill And His American Public, 1892-1926 And Beyond David Myers & Janice Reiff
Gulema, Shimelis Bonsa Africa Urbanizing A Nation: Addis Ababa And The Shaping Of The Modern Ethiopian State 1941-1975 Edward Alpers
Gutierrez, Veronica Anne Latin America Converting A Sacred City: Franciscan Re-Imagining Of Sixteenth-Century San Pedro Cholula Kevin Terraciano
Halperin, Liora Russman Europe (Jewish) Babel In Zion: The Politics Of Language Diversity In Jewish Palestine, 1920-1948 David Myers
Hernandez, Kimberly Lynn United States Homeseekers' Paradise: Railroad Promotion, The Low-Cost Housing Industry, And The Expansion Of Working-Class Los Angeles, 1896-1913 Janice Reiff
Irvin, Aaron William Ancient Romanization And The Creation Of An Imperial Culture Ronald Mellor
Janes, Lauren Rebecca Hinkle Near East The Taste Of Empire: Colonial Food In Interwar Paris Caroline Ford
Melton-Villanueva, Miriam Latin America The Nahuas At Independence: Indigenous Communities Of The Metepec Area (Toluca Valley) In The First Decades Of The Nineteenth Century James Lockhart & Kevin Terraciano
Moreno, Aaron Michael Medieval Arabicizing, Privileges, And Liturgy In Medieval Castilian Toledo: The Problems And Mutations Of Mozarab Identification (1085-1436) Teofilo Ruiz
Pak, Julie Kazdan Europe Italy'S Primary Teachers: The Feminization Of The Italian Teaching Profession, 1859-1911 Geoffrey Symcox
Sarfatti-Piterberg, Tamar Europe Les Egyptiens De I'An Vi, And The Creation Of The Descriptions De L'Egypte Carlo Ginzburg
Sierakowski, Robert James Latin America In The Footsteps Of Sandino: Geographies Of Revolution And Political Violence In Northern Nicaragua, 1956-1979 L. Robin Derby
Yousefian, Sevan Nathaniel Near East The Postwar Repatriation Movement Of Armenians To Soviet Armenia, 1945-1948 Richard Hovannisian