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2012-2013 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Arias, Melanie Kayser Schmidt United States Experimental Citizens: The Experimental Housing Allowance Program And Housing Vouchers As American Social Policy In The 1970S And 1980S Scot Brown
Baker, Robert Earl United States Push Back: Race, Jobs And The Struggle For Power In The Late Twentieth Century Scot Brown
Ball, Molly Catherine Latin America Inequality In São Paulo'S Old Republic: A Wage Perspective, 1891-1930 William Summerhill
Bauer, Deborah Susan Europe Marianne Is Watching: Knowledge, Secrecy, Intelligence And The Origins Of The French Surveillance State (1870-1914) Caroline Ford
Bollinger, William Latin America Textiles, Guano And Railroads: The Role Of The United States In The Early Development Failures Of Peru, 1818-1876 James Wilkie & Robert Burr
Bray, Christopher Alan United States Disobedience, Discipline, And The Contest For Order In The Early National New England Militia Michael Meranze & Joan Waugh
Collins, Jacob Joseph Europe The Anthropological Turn In French Thought: The 1970S To The Present Lynn Hunt
Crago-Schneider, Kierra Mikaila Europe Jewish ""Shtetls"" In Postwar Germany: An Analysis Of Interactions Among Jewish Displaced Persons, Germans, And Americans Between 1945 And 1957 In Bavaria Saul Friedlander
Daly, Heather Marie United States ""American Indian Freedom Controversy:"" Political And Social Activism By Southern California Mission Indians, 1934-1958 Janice Reiff
Garza, Gustavo Alberto Science An Emotive Mechanism: Phonographic Wonders And Possibilities At The Turn Of The 20Th Century Theodore Porter
Good, Leanne Marie Medieval Land And Landscape: The Transition From Agilolfing To Carolingian Bavaria, 700-900 Patrick Geary
Greene, Beth Marie Europe Socialist Popular Culture And Youth Culture During The Long 1960S In Hungary Ivan Berend
Gutfreund, Zevi Moses United States Language Education, Race, And The Remaking Of American Citizenship In Los Angeles, 1900-1968 Stephen Aron
Haber, Maya Europe Socialist Realist Science: Constructing Knowledge About Rural Life In The Soviet Union, 1943-1958 J. Arch Getty
Hafez, Melis Near East The Lazy, The Idle, The Industrious: Discourse And Practice Of Work And Productivity In Late Ottoman Society James Gelvin
Kim, Hanshin China The Transformation In State And Elite Responses To Popular Religious Beliefs Richard Von Glahn
Kolar, Kelly Ann Europe ""What Kind Of Past Should The Future Have?"" The Development Of The Soviet Archival System, 1917-1931 J. Arch Getty
Lebe, Melvin Stanton United States Diminished Hopes: The United States And The United Nations During The Truman Years Geoffrey Robinson & Jessica Wang
Levasheff, Drake Stanley Religion Jesus Of Nazareth, Paul Of Tarsus, And The Early Christian Challenge To Traditional Honor And Shame Values Scott Bartchy & Ronald Mellor
Lovejoy, Henry Barrett Latin America Old Oyo Influences On The Transformation Of Lucumí Identity In Colonial Cuba Andrew Apter & L. Robin Derby
Luce, Caroline Elizabeth United States Visions Of A Jewish Future: The Jewish Bakers Union And Yiddish Culture In East Los Angeles, 1908-1942 Eric Avila & F. Tobie Higbie
Mairot, Mark Joseph Latin America Mexican Provincial Society During The Age Of Revolution: A Social And Economic History Of Toluca, 1790-1834 James Lockhart & Kevin Terraciano
Mazumder, Rajashree South and Southeast Asia Constructing The Indian Immigrant To Colonial Burma, 1885-1948Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Moumdjian, Garabet K Near East Struggling For A Constitutional Regime: Armenian-Young Turk Relations In The Era Of Abdulhamid Ii, 1895 -1909 Richard Hovannisian
Musandu, Phoebe Atieno Africa Staking Claims: The Kenyan Newspaper Sector, 1899 -1990 Edward Alpers
Myers, Eric Dennis United States A Soldier At Heart: The Life Of Smedley Butler, 1881-1940 Joan Waugh
Petitfils, James Michael Religion Mos Christianorum: The Roman Discourse Of Exemplarity And The Jewish And Christian Language Of Leadership Scott Bartchy & Ronald Mellor
Rodriguez, Steven Martin Europe Local People, National Parks, And International Conservation Movements: Conflicts Over Nature In Southeast Asia Lynn Hunt
Russell, Annette Suzanne Religion In The World But Not Of The World: The Liminal Life Of Pre-Constantine Christian Communities Scott Bartchy & Ronald Mellor
Sanzo, Joseph Emanuel Religion In The Beginnings: The Apotropaic Use Of Scriptural Incipits In Late Antique Egypt Scott Bartchy & Ra'anan Boustan
Scull, Kevin Ronald Religion Authority And Persuasion: Self-Presentation In Paul'S Letters Scott Bartchy & Ronald Mellor
Seaman, Michael G Ancient Siege Warfare In Ancient Greece From Homer To Alexander Mortimer Chambers
Sevea, Terenjit Singh South and Southeast Asia Pawangs On The Malay Frontier: Miraculous Intermediaries Of Rice, Ore, Beasts And Guns Nile Green
Sierra, Pablo M Latin America Urban Slavery In Colonial Puebla De Los Ángeles, 1536-1708 Kevin Terraciano
Waters, Leslie Marie Europe Resurrecting The Nation: Felvidék And The Hungarian Territorial Revisionist Project, 1938-1945 Ivan Berend
Yarfitz, Mir Hayim Latin America Polacos, White Slaves, And Stille Chuppahs: Organized Prostitution And The Jews Of Buenos Aires, 1890-1939 Jose Moya