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2013-2014 Ph.D. Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Doctor of Philosophy

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Apter, Norman D China Saving The Young: A History of The Child Relief Movement In Modern China Kathryn Bernhardt & Philip Huang
Bardeen, Regan Buck Africa Utilitarian Pleasures: Print Culture And The Development of A Reading Public In Southwestern Nigeria Edward Alpers & Andrew Apter
Deblinger, Rachel Beth Europe "In A World Still Trembling": American Jewish Philanthropy And The Shaping of Holocaust Survivor Narratives In Postwar America (1945 - 1953) David Myers
DeGuzman, Jean-Paul United States "And Make The San Fernando Valley My Home:" Contested Spaces, Identities, And Activism On The Edge of Los Angeles Janice Reiff
Gilbert, Claire Morgan Europe The Politics of Language In The Western Mediterranean C.1492-C.1669: Multilingual Institutions And The Status of Arabic In Early Modern Spain Teofilo Ruiz
Gleason, Tiffany Kathleen Africa Coastal Islam: Religion And Identity Among Minority Muslims In The French Colonial City of Porto-Novo, 1889-1939 Andrew Apter
Kelly, Matthew Kraig Near East Crime In The Mandate: British And Zionist Criminological Discourse And Arab Nationalist Agitation In Palestine, 1936-39 James Gelvin
Luckett, Matthew S United States Honor Among Thieves: Horse Stealing, State-Building, And Culture In Lincoln County, Nebraska, 1860 - 1890 Stephen Aron
Newman, Daniel Asher Europe Criminal Strategies And Institutional Concerns In The Soviet Legal System: An Analysis of Criminal Appeals In Moscow Province, 1921-1928 J. Arch Getty
Okuhata, Mark Asami United States Unchained Manhood: The Performance of Black Manhood During The Antebellum, Civil War, And Reconstruction Eras Brenda Stevenson
Olivas, Aaron Alejandro Europe Loyalty And Disloyalty To The Bourbon Dynasty In Spanish America And The Philippines During The War of The Spanish Succession (1700-1715) Kathryn Norberg
Redford, Laura United States The Promise And Principles of Real Estate Development In An American Metropolis: Los Angeles 1903-1923 Janice Reiff
Reilly, Brandon Joseph South Asia Collecting The People: Textualizing Epics In Philippine History From The Sixteenth Century To The Twenty-First Michael Salman
Rozenblatt, Daphne Claire Europe Madness And Method: Enrico Morselli And The Social Politics of Psychiatry, 1852-1929 David Sabean
Setiyawan, Dahlia Gratia South Asia The Cold War In The City of Heroes: U.S.-Indonesian Relations And Anti-Communist Operations In Surabaya, 1963-1965 Geoffrey Robinson
Slaughter, Michael Anthony United States Lessons On Freedom: Jefferson High School And Black Los Angeles, 1920 - 1950 Stephen Aron
Taback, Naomi Johanna Europe A Mission To Reform Manners: Religion, Secularization, And Empire In Early Modern England Margaret Jacob
Weise, Constanze Africa Governance And Ritual Sovereignty At The Niger-Benue Confluence: A Political And Cultural History of Nigeria'S Igala, Northern Yoruba And Nupoid-Speaking Peoples To 1900 CE Andrew Apter & Chris Ehret
York, Laura Suzanne Europe Redeeming The Truth: Robert Morden And The Marketing of Authority In Early World Atlases Muriel McClendon
Zaldivar, Antonio Morales Medieval Language And Power In The Medieval Crown of Aragon: The Rise of Vernacular Writing And Codeswitching Strategies In The Thirteenth-Century Royal Chancery Teofilo Ruiz
Zevin, Alexander Joshua Europe Imprinting Modern Liberalism: Empire, Financial Capitalism And The Economist, 1843-1938 Francis Anderson & Lynn Hunt