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Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Bailony, Reem Near East Transnational Rebellion: The Syrian Revolt of 1925-1927 James Gelvin
Bates, Christopher George United States What They Fight For: The Men And Women of Civil War Reenactment Joan Waugh
Flores, Alfred Peredo United States "Little Island Into Mighty Base": Indigeneity, Race, And U.S. Empire In Guam, 1944-1962 F. Tobie Higbie & Keith Camacho
Flores-Marcial, Xochitl Marina Latin America A History of Guelaguetza In Zapotec Communities of The Central Valleys of Oaxaca, 16Th Century To The Present Kevin Terraciano
Franken, Daniel William Latin America Growing Taller, Yet Falling Short: Policy, Health, And Living Standards In Brazil, 1850-1950. William Summerhill
Gibson, Lela Jaise Europe Changing States: Ottoman Sufism, Orientalism, And German Politics, 1770-1825 David Sabean
Guzman, Morgan Morille Schupbach Europe East German Journalists And The Wende: A History of The Collapse And Transformation of Socialist Journalism In Germany David Sabean
Harris, Caroline Anne Bunnell United States "Rivers of Living Water": The Movements And Mobility of Holiness-Pentecostals, 1837-1910 Stephen Aron
Harris, Jessica Lynne United States Exporting Mrs. Consumer: The American Woman In Italian Culture, 1945-1975 Brenda Stevenson & Geoffrey Symcox
Hernandez, Carlos Armando Latin America Narcomundo: How Narcotraficantes Gained Control of Northern Mexico And Beyond, 1945-1985 James Wilkie
Liu, Chien-Ling Europe Relocating Pastorian Medicine: Accommodation And Acclimatization of Medical Practices At The Pasteur Institutes In China, 1899-1951 Peter Baldwin
Lynch, Daniel Brendan United States Southern California Chivalry: The Convergence of Southerners And Californios In The Far Southwest, 1846-1866 Stephen Aron
Markman, Kristina Medieval Between Two Worlds: A Comparative Study of The Representations of Pagan Lithuania In The Chronicles of The Teutonic Order And Rus' Patrick Geary
Mooreville, Anat Europe (Jewish) Oculists In The Orient: A History of Trachoma, Zionism, And Global Health, 1882-1973 Sarah Stein
Morgan, Laura Ritchie Science Small Mites For The Treasury of Learning: The Everyday Life of The New Science In Late Seventeenth-Century London Margaret Jacob
Nelson, Benjamin Ryan United States "We Also Glory In Our Sufferings:" David Brainerd And The Primary of Suffering In Early Anglo-American Evangelicalism Ruth Bloch
Petrou, Marissa Helene Science Disciplines of Collection: Founding The Dresden Museum For Zoology, Anthropology And Ethnology In Imperial Germany Theodore Porter & Debora Silverman
Pirani, Cenan South Asia The Military Economy of Seventeenth Century Sri Lanka: Rhetoric And Authority In A Time of Conquest Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Roth, Cassia Paigen Latin America A Miscarriage of Justice: Reproduction, Medicine, And The Law In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (1890-1940) L. Robin Derby & William Summerhill
Saulnier, Eric Scott United States "They Could There Write The Fates of Nations": The Ideology of George Bancroft'S History of The United States During The Age of Jackson Stephen Aron & Joan Waugh
Serrano Najera, Jose Luis United States Chicana/O Indigenous Affirmation As Transformational Consciousness: Indigeneity And Transnational Human Rights Advocacy Since The Chicana/O Movement Juan Gomez-Quinones
Sherwan, Natalie Medieval Empires Reshaped And Reimagined: Rome And Constantinople, Popes And Patriarchs, 1204-1453 Patrick Geary & Claudia Rapp
Smith, Mark Lee Europe (Jewish) The Yiddish Historians And The Struggle For A Jewish History of The Holocaust Saul Friedlander & David Myers
Teague, Janira Phedre United States I, Too, Am America: African-American And Afro-Caribbean Identity, Citizenship And Migrations To New York City, 1830'S To1930'S Brenda Stevenson
Thompson, Kendall Milar Science I, Robot: Nikola Tesla'S Telautomaton M. Norton Wise
Wu, Hsiao-Chun China Ascending The Hall of Great Elegance: The Emergence of Drama Research In Modern China Andrea Goldman
Yildiz, Murat Cihan Near East Strengthening Male Bodies And Building Robust Communities: Physical Culture In The Late Ottoman Empire James Gelvin