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Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Anderson, Samuel Dejohn Africa Domesticating The Medersa: Franco-Muslim Education And Colonial Rule In Northwest Africa, 1850-1960 Ghislaine Lydon
Baumgarten, Max David United States Searching For A Stake: The Scope of Jewish Politics In Los Angeles From Watts To Rodney King, 1965-1992 Janice Reiff
Civitello, Linda Ann United States Baking Powder Wars Mary Yeager
Dufendach, Rebecca Ann Latin America Nahua And Spanish Concepts of Health And Disease In Colonial Mexico, 1519-1615 Kevin Terraciano
Feng, Jia World The Emperor'S Coffer: The Qing Imperial Fiscal Separation Between Privy Purse And State Treasury (1644-1912) Robert Brenner & James Tong
Flomen, Max United States Cruel Embrace: War And Slavery In The Texas Borderlands, 1700-1840 Stephen Aron
Hounshell, Eric Tapken Europe A Feel For The Data: Paul F. Lazarsfeld And The Columbia University Bureau of Applied Social Research David Sabean
Koehler, Rhiannon Maria United States Visible Ink: Indigenous Editorial Cartoons And The Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute, 1964-1998 Robin Kelley & Peter Nabokov
Kovalesky, Brian Robert United States Contested Campuses: Politics, Race, And The Battles Over Public Education In The Greater Los Angeles Area, 1949-1972 Janice Reiff
Mercado, Juan Pablo United States Judy Baca, Sparc And A Chicana Mural Movement: Reconstructing U.S. History Through Public Art Juan Gomez-Quinones
Momdjian, Maran Near East The Levantine Merchant Consuls of Aleppo; The Commercial Elites 1750- 1850 Sebouh Aslanian
Rahtz, Joshua Charles Europe The Politics of Order: Ordo-Liberalism From The Inter-War Period Through The Long 1970S Robert Brenner
Renton, Kathryn Elizabeth Europe A Social And Environmental History of The Horse In Spain And Spanish America, 1492-1600 Margaret Jacob & Teofilo Ruiz
Serrano, Fernando Latin America Indigenous Mine Workers In The Guanajuato-Michoacán Region: Labor, Migration, And Ethnic Identity In Colonial Mexico, 1550-1800 Kevin Terraciano
Silver, Christopher Benno Europe (Jewish) Jews, Music-Making, And The Twentieth Century Maghrib Sarah Stein
Solt, Susan United States The Biography of Othello: A Signifying Life Brenda Stevenson
Staiano-Daniels, Lucia Eileen Europe The War People:The Daily Life of Common Soldiers, 1618-1654 David Sabean
Weismeyer, Michael Brett Science Science Education In Early California Colleges, 1850-1880 Theodore Porter