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2018-2019 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles
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Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chair
Abi, Ceren Middle East Digging Deeper: Cultural Property in the Ottoman Empire during the Great War and Allied Occupation 1914-1923 Suzanne Slyomovics and Sarah Abrevaya Stein
Ballor, Grace Europe Agents of Integration: Multinational Firms and the European Union Ivan Berend
Casper, Michael Phillips Jewish Strangers and Sojourners: The Politics of Jewish Belonging in Lithuania, 1914-1940 David Myers
Chi, Xiang China Chinese Resource Modernity: Environmental Government and the Resource Conflicts in Northeast China's Forests, 1860-1932 Bin Wong
Deriev, Denis Alexander Ancient Augustus the Machiavellian Prince: Pareto's Theory of Elites and the Changing Models of Honor Acquisition and Conflict Resolution in the Early Roman Empire Ronald Mellor
Harvell, Elle Evelyn United States "[B]etween fires": Little Dixie, Missouri, during the American Civil War Joan Waugh
Katin, William Maurice Europe A Re-Assessment of Aryanization of Large Jewish Companies in Hitler's Reich, 1933-1935: The Role of Conservative, Non-Nazi Businessmen Albion Urdank
Keeley, Samuel Jr. Europe Spirit of Power: Bunsen and the Anglo-Prussian Axis of Protestantism, 1815-1860 David Sabean
Lewis, Pauline Lucy Middle East Wired Ottomans: A Sociotechnical History of the Telegraph and the Modern Ottoman Empire, 1855-1911 James Gelvin
Mccollum, Jonathan Claymore Middle East The Anti-Colonial Empire: Ottoman Mobilization and Resistance in the Italo-Turkish War, 1911-1912 James Gelvin
Naqvi, Naveena South and Southeast Asia Writing the Inter-Imperial World in Afghan North India ca. 1774-1857 Nile Green
Osei-Opare, Kwadwo (Nana) Africa The Red Star State: State-Capitalism, Socialism, and Black Internationalism in Ghana, 1957-1966 Andrew Apter
O'Sullivan, Michael South and Southeast Asia Before 'Islamic Finance': The Political and Religious Economies of Indian Muslim Capital from the Balkans to Burma, 1850-1950 Nile Green
Rivera, Enrique Salvador Latin America The Political Economy of Anti-Slavery Resistance: An Atlantic History of the 1795 Insurrection at Coro, Venezuela Peter Hudson
Ruiz Stovel, Guillermo China Chinese Shipping and Merchant Networks at the Edge of the Spanish Pacific: the Minnan-Manila Trade, 1680-1840 Bin Wong
Schneider, Winter Rae Latin America "Free of Everything Save Independence": Property, Personhood and the Archive in Nineteenth-Century Haiti Robin Derby
Wardaki, Marjan Sarwar South and Southeast Asia Knowledge-Migrants between South Asia and Europe: The Production of Technical and Scientific Ideas among Students and Scientists, 1919-1945 Nile Green and David Sabean
Yan, Dong China Sinews of Paper: Public Debt and Chinese Political Economy, 1850-1914 Bin Wong