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2019-2020 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles
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Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chair
Baig, Sohaib South/Southeast Asia Indian Hanafis in an Ocean of Hadith: Islamic Legal Authority between South Asia and the Arabian Peninsula, 16th – 20th Centuries Nile Green
Bingley, Christopher Stephen China Philostratus, Perceptions of Foreign Ethnicity, and Severan Cultural Geography David Phillips
Buehler, Scottie History of Science Being and Becoming a Midwife in Eighteenth-century France: Geographies of Pedagogical Practices and Objects Mary Terrall
Clever, Iris Isabelle History of Science The Lives and Afterlives of Skulls. The Development of Biometric Methods of Measuring Race (1880-1950) Soraya De Chadarevian
Comuzzi, Elizabeth Medieval Economic and Demographic Change through Notarial Sources: The Example of Puigcerdà 1260-1360 Jessica Goldberg and Teofilo Ruiz
De Lucia, Lori Africa Sicily and the Two Seas: The Cross Currents of Race and Slavery in Early Modern Palermo Andrew Apter and Ghislaine Lydon
Gilhuis, Nicole Danniell United States Colonial Ghosts: Mi'kmaq Adoption, Daily Practice & the Alternate Atlantic, 1600-1763 Carla Pestana and L. Robin Derby
Glasgow, Kristen Hillaire United States Charlotte Forten: Coming of Age as a Radical Teenage Abolitionist, 1854-1856 Brenda Stevenson
Goux, Hippolyte Albert History of Science On the Genealogy of Economic Reason Theodore Porter
Hilliard, Ryan (Christine) Europe By Choice or By Circumstance: Singlewomen in Early Modern France Kathyrn Norberg
Kiazolu, Yatta Winnie United States All The Women Are Meeting:” The National Council of Negro Women, Emerging Africa, and Transnational Solidarity, 1935-1966 Brenda Stevenson
King, Lindsay Alissa Jewish Modes of Masculinity: Entertainment, Politics, and the Jewish Men of Vienna's Press, 1837-1859 David Myers
McBride, Preston United States A Lethal Education: Institutionalized Negligence, Epidemiology, and Death in Native American Boarding Schools, 1879-1934 Benjamin Madley
Mccormick, Kelly Midori Japan Gendering Cultures of Japanese Photography, 1931-1970 William Marotti
Richardson, Kevin H Japan Scientific Wastelands and Toxic Utopias: The New Environmentalism of 1970s Japan William Marotti
Riddell, Citlali Lucia United States Californio Local Liberalisms: The Lasting Impact of Mexican Ideologies in California, 1848-1890 Eric Avila
Rosenfeld, Susan Alexandra Corey Africa Apparitions of the Atlantic: Mobility, Kinship and Freedom among Afro-Brazilian Emigrants from Bahia to Lagos, 1850-1900 Andrew Apter
Roy, Toulouse- Antonin Japan The Camphor Question Is in Reality the Savage Question:’: The Japanese Empire, Indigenous Peoples, and the Making of Capitalist Taiwan, 1895-1915 Katsuya Hirano
Sladeck, Jeremiah John United States Padres Descontentos: Spanish Imperial Policy, Franciscan Decline, and the California Mission System, 1784-1803 Stephen Aron
Tajiryan, Sona Middle East The Early Modern Global Trade of Diamonds and Gems: An Armenian Family Firm on the Crossroads of Caravan and Maritime Trade (ca. 1670-1730) Sebouh Aslanian
Vivian, Anthony Ancient Rotting Ships and Bloodied Water: Destructive Liquids and Thucydides’ Skepticism of Naval Imperialism David Phillips
Woolner, Maia Isabelle History of Science Time to Cure: Psychiatry, Psychology, and Speed in Modern France, c.1880s-1930s Theodore Porter and Laurie Murat