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Richard Weiss

Professor Emeritus


Contact Information

Office  7272 Bunche Hall
Phone  310-825-1779


Ph.D. Columbia University, 1966.

Graduate of Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute, 1997.

Selected Publications

The American Myth of Success: From Horatio Alger to Norman Vicent Peale (1969). Paperback edition (1988)

Co-editor with Gary B. Nash, The Great Fear: Race in the Mind of America (1970).

"Racism in the Era of Industrialization," ibid.

"Ethnicity and Reform: Minorities and the Ambience of the Depression Years," Journal of American History (1979).

Review essay, "The Patrician as Patriot," Reviews in American History (1985)


My current interests include the study of the influence of Alfred Adler in the United States and the experience of migration in American history.