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Please note the History department staff is currently working on a hybrid work schedule (in person and remote days).  We encourage you to email the appropriate staff if you need assistance. 


Chair's Office

Ann Major - Assistant to the Chair

6265 Bunche Hall
(310) 206-9043 | ann@history.ucla.edu

Ann assists the Chair of the department with scheduling, travel, faculty meetings and other projects; shepherds visiting scholars through the UCLA approval process and visa certification; coordinates faculty recruitment and visits; assists in managing office moves; and coordinates departmental events.


Jay Jang - Chief Administrative Officer

6273A Bunche Hall
(310) 825-4258 | jay@history.ucla.edu

The Chief Administrative Officer manages all administrative services in relation to the department's staffing, teaching, and programs. They are responsible for planning and policy development, budgetary control, oversight of departmental projects and initiatives, and selection and supervision of personnel.


Serena Silk – Department Coordinator

6265 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-4601 | serena@history.ucla.edu

The Department Coordinator coordinates purchase orders, desk copies, parking, and facilities requests. They also manage the front desk and department sponsored events under the direction of the CAO. For any inquiries about events, contact eventcalendar@history.ucla.edu.



Mahea Ayoso-Sadsad - Senior Fund Manager

6265C Bunche Hall
(310) 206-3133 | mahea@history.ucla.edu

Mahea is responsible for managing the financial accounting for faculty, departmental colloquiums, departmental funds, and the Public History Initiatives Center. As the senior fund manager, she administers departmental financial reporting and record-keeping systems.   


Khris Go - Fund Manager

6343 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-4456  |  khris@history.ucla.edu

Khris manages funds for faculty and emeriti. He provides the faculty and emeriti with current information about their account activity and balances and advises them on financial policies and procedures. As a fund manager, he processes purchase orders, research and entertainment reimbursements, and travel reimbursements. 


IT Unit

Mary Johnson - Computer Resource Manager

6299 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-2607 | mary@history.ucla.edu

Mary oversees the department’s Computer Resource Center and staff. She manages departmental database and online programs; administers department, faculty, and course web pages; and works with faculty, staff, and students to resolve technical issues.


Edward Trujillo - Department Technical Analyst

6293 Bunche Hall
(310) 206-5154 | edward@history.ucla.edu

The Department Technical Analyst assists staff, faculty, and students with computer and other technical needs, including troubleshooting and resolving technical issues. He also assists with department, faculty and course web pages.


Academic and Staff Personnel

Verna Abe - Academic Personnel Coordinator

6276 Bunche Hall
(310) 206-0569 | verna@history.ucla.edu

Verna manages all academic personnel processes for Senate faculty, including merit, promotion and review actions; sabbatical and leave requests; joint, split and new appointments; faculty data management for advancements, salaries, summer ninths, sabbatical credits and course releases.

Gabriela Arrieta-Rivera - Staff Personnel/Payroll Coordinator

6351 Bunche Hall
(310) 794-5301 | gabriela@history.ucla.edu

As the Personnel Analyst, Gabriela is responsible for processing employment and all payroll actions for lecturers, staff (career, limited, and casual), teaching assistants, tutors, readers, and graduate student researchers through UCPath. She will also provide guidance on employment/human resources policies and procedures.


Public History Initiative (PHI)

Tawny Paul - PHI Director

6345 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-2156 | tpaul@history.ucla.edu

The PHI Director manages the activities and functions of the History Department's Public History Initiative (PHI), which promotes public history and outreach to the wider community.  The Director also manages the online bookstore for the National Center for History in Schools and HistoryCorps, which places undergraduate students in internships at schools, museums and archives.


Student Affairs:

Tessa Villasenor - Director of Student Affairs

6286 Bunche Hall
(310) 206-2627 | tessa@history.ucla.edu

Tessa Villaseñor directs the department’s student affairs staff and functions, including oversight of all activities related to undergraduate and graduate counseling; student policies, procedures, and processes. In addition, she manages graduate admissions recruitment as well as financial support for graduate and undergraduate students. She also works directly with students to assist with degree completion and other issues.


Judy Hernandez - Graduate Counselor

6284 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-3720 | judy@history.ucla.edu

Judy Hernandez counsels graduate students on University and departmental requirements for the Ph.D. degree. She also provides recruitment, admissions, orientation and placement services, assist with assigning Teaching Assistants, and monitors students’ progress toward the degree.


Indira Garcia - Undergraduate/Career Counselor

6290 Bunche Hall
(310) 794-7053 | indira@history.ucla.edu

Indira functions as both an academic and a career counselor for undergraduate students. She meets one-on-one with History undergraduates to advise them on their academic and career planning. Indira develops and leads programs geared toward career and professional development. She also manages the academic course scheduling for the department.


Janette Gonzalez - Undergraduate Advisor

6288 Bunche Hall
(310) 825-3269 | jgonzalez@history.ucla.edu

Janette provides undergraduate advising for History majors. She also manages orientation services and workshops for new students, undergraduate curricular changes, the Honors Program, and contract courses. In addition, Janette guides the Phi Alpha Theta Organization and coordinates undergraduate scholarships and awards.


Luskin Center for History and Policy (LCHP)

Roselyn Campbell – LCHP Assistant Director

6341 Bunche Hall
310-825-4702 | rcampbell@history.ucla.edu

The Luskin Programs and Administration Manager is responsible for the daily management of the Luskin Center for History and Policy. This person works under the direction of the Center director to implement Center initiatives, activities, and managing outreach.